Batman – Under the Red Hood

Hey all. My apologies for not cluttering you’re inbox’s lately with my usual slew of posts. But I’ve been away for the weekend and beyond the reach of a keyboard and/or PDA with internet access. But I’m back now, and back to my usual, manic output! And in honor of that, here’s a clip from […]

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Batman: Nightwing Short

There’s something to be said about short fan videos. Oftentimes, they are of low-quality and really don’t boast a lot of thought or creativity. But every so often, you get something of real value. Star Wars fans have been treated to some rather appealing videos over the years where fans, using their own imaging and […]

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A Tribute to the Joker

Soon enough, the third and final installment in Chris Nolan’s Batman franchise will be premiering. I can’t tell you how much I want to see it. Ever since The Dark Knight ended and it was clear the Joker would not be appearing in movie 3, I’ve been itching to see what they would do with […]

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