Whiskey Delta

Whiskey_Delta2S.O. “SO”
“This wasn’t your typical horror/zombie book. It was more about survival, much like the Walking Dead. If you’re a fan of that show, you’ll really like this book. Taking place in SoCal, the military has a special team designated to find Patient Zero, aka Papa Zulu, aka the first person known to have contracted the virus that turns people into Whiskeys (zombies. The term Whiskey Delta is a term used mostly by the military to say that someone is beneath you or “less than a man”.)

The author is obviously a fan of the Walking Dead, as the main character Dezba has his wife and daughter, changed into Whiskeys already, chained up in the basement. As he finally realizes there is no cure, he exterminates them. Knowing harboring these creatures borderlines on a felony (at least according to the military) this is a secret he must keep…but for how long?

These zombies differ from those in the Walking Dead in that they have some semblance of intelligence. If they see you run into a building and can’t get in that door, they’ll find another way in. If they know you’re coming down the hallway, they’ll wait you out.

I was impressed with the dialogue and references to getting by in life that involved a lot more than dealing with zombies. In an event where you have to keep a life threatening occurrence from the general population while at the same time hunting said life threatening occurrence, the stakes go higher. There’s dealing with your fellow soldier, hiding and finding out secrets, and trying to fight something that might be non-fightable.

How do you fight something that has emotion, intelligence, and can fight back, yet…is DEAD?

I like that each character has his/her own personality and is three dimensional. The reader follows and can relate to each character on some level and there’s no feeling of “fluff” anywhere in the story. I especially enjoyed the quotes at the beginning of every chapter that did, in fact, relate to each chapter. I feel it gave the book more depth.

Even if you’re not a zombie fan, you might still enjoy this book. As I said, it’s less “horror” and more about completing an important mission.”

“This is a badass Zombie book. Braun and his crew have a very important classified job to do as its classified im unable to tell you about it…….so Braun and his crew get some awesome suits and mega fire power all for the one and only person who started the zombie outbreak they need to come back with his head so the doctor can find a cure so if they fail to bring the head home they probably woulndnt be welcomed back This book is awesome!Very suspensful so the crew got their orders and went to where it all began downtown LA when they get to LA they see that other army personal have been brought it but didnt look like they left. The threat of the zombies have you wondering when they are going to jump out and bite someone. The whole crew is like able you dont want anyone getting hurt just when you think a zombie is going to strike they get shot at now with all that noise attracting the zombies and getting shot at it was looking to turn out bad. Well Braun got around the secured the building and found who was shooting. They were the guys who didnt make it back and they were basket cases. This author really knows what hes talking about with all the military terms and the battles, wait for the battles you feel as if your there and the zombies in this book dont just shuffle, moan ,and bite they run and fight back Braun even found they have emotion. I said it once ill say it again AWESOME! I hear theres a sequel I will be on it!I was given this book as a gift to give an honest review.”

William M. Morgan
“I could not put Whiskey Delta down till the end. This is a must read. Can’t wait for the sequel.”

“Brilliant Storytelling, Outstanding Military Adventure writing and, Most Importantly….Remarkable Characters that make it all matter. I’m anxiously awaiting the next book.”

“Great story about soldiers doing solider business. I recommend it to anyone who likes this type of book. Waiting for the next one!”

echOs (Brittany)
“This was an absolutely fantastic read. Highly recommend for any fan of the zombie genre. There are some terrible spelling and grammatical errors, at least with the 1st edition, but nothing that detracted from the story nor made hard to read in my opinion.
Cannot wait to read more from this author!”

Kenneth C. Williams
“This was an excellant book from start to finish. I will be looking for other offerings from this author. He knows how to tell a good story, properly his characters and keep a reader riveted.”

Rami Ungar
“I personally liked reading Whiskey Delta. It was not your average zombie novel, showing the military actually having an adequate response to the zombie crisis, while mixing in a special twist (which I won’t reveal) about the zombies. My only complaints are that their isn’t a lot of character development, some characters are introduced too quicly to really get to know them, and all the military jargon can be confusing. However all told it was a really good first book with solid storytelling and excitement. 3.9 out of 5, if you ask me.”

Kim O’Hair
“Surprisingly good story of combat in a military responding to a frightening zombie infested world. Strong, consistent characterizations, great story lines, believable situations, and good use of humor. Delightfully without massive amounts of information regarding weapons and ammunition. An author worthy of continuing support. A 4 1/2 star book and a 5 star author.”

“FINALLY! A zombie story where the US Military is not hopelessly inept, but is instead taking the war to the enemy and doing a damn good job. I choose to look past the vast amount of editing needed (there, their, and they’re are NOT interchangeable–please fix that in the sequel! and also please call the characters by their actual name instead of someone else’s–very distracting…) and instead focus on a kick-butt military adventure during a zombie apocalypse. Fun, exciting, great action, and characters that you get to know and even care about–what more can I say? Buy it, enjoy it, ignore the typos and other errors and just get into one of the better examples of military adventure/zombie apocalypse cross-overs out there.”

Book Worm
This is a great book – exciting storyline driven by gripping and well laid out plot lines that keep the reader ‘on the edge of their seats’ right to the end. Even better is the superb characterization of the two main characters and also the driver Whitman, however, considering the small number of characters in the book, I thought the author could have spent a bit of extra ‘fleshing’ out of some of the others a bit more.”

This book is mainly about Ambulans Morti, which is a virus that turns human beings into the walking horror and that would Whiskey Deltas. There is a war against the Whiskey Deltas and the army is trying to end these creatures that put humanity in danger. Not only that, but there is one specific soldier(among the other soldiers fighting against Whiskey Deltas) that is related to the Whiskey Deltas. His name is Dezbas. He has a secret that makes him behave in a certain way when the Whiskey Deltas attack.
The book describes the attacking part in a very detailed way.

Overall, this book is an interesting read about survival and life in such a world. Also, the book is intended for mature audience due to army talk in it. If you like reading about zombies, then this is a good book for you. However, it’s not an horror book. It’s more of a survival book.

A Quote that I really loved in this book:
“Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.”

I was provided a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Oof! What a ride. Military action, zombies, rotting body parts, a mystery, more action, and some more zombie hordes. Yay!

Basic Summary: See zombie. Kill zombie. Unless they kill you first. And if they bite you, you may have to remove a limb. No biggie when hordes of other zombies are vying for your flesh and mystery military forces are shoving missiles up your ass. Yup. Just another apocalyptic day.

I know zombie novels are supposed to be horror, but to me they are just brain-blasting fun, and this one is no exception. It is well written, and the story sucked me in from the start. It is packed with action and plenty of zombie killing through a variety of methods but at the same time connects you with the dirty-mouthed, crudely funny bad boys and girl of a zombie killing military unit.

I’d recommend this to any fan of putting a zombie between crosshairs and blasting away.

Jesse E
Lots of action like the way he made me feel as if I was there in the middle of the action. Looking forward to more.

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