Movie Trailer Monday: Star Trek Into Darkness!

StartrekintodarknessposterHey guys, thought I’d get into a new habit around here and start posting previews for new movies on a regular basis. Might prove difficult to find a new preview every week, but the way I see it, people like a routine they get in on. And what’s nicer on a Monday than catching a trailer that makes you excited for an upcoming flick. Tell me that doesn’t beat the Monday blahs!

And here is the latest trailer from JJ Abram’s upcoming Star Trek sequel. Unlike the first which was resoundingly dark (had to be with a name like Into Darkness!) and focused on Benedict Cumberbatch – who plays bad guy Khan – this one is more centered on Kirk. And what’s also nice is the mention of a future city other than San Fransisco. And of course, plenty of action too!

Enjoy, and see you next Monday!

New Iron Man 3 Trailer!

ironman3A new theatrical trailer has been released in honor of the third and final installment in the Iron Man franchise! Suffice it to say, it looks pretty awesome, and seems to be promising a finale that is nothing short of bad-ass. Pay special attention to the final few seconds of it, where Stark and Rhodes get “backup” in the form of a whole bunch of guys in Iron Man suits.

Like I said, promises to be bad-ass! Take a gander:

New Trailer: The Host

Behold the trailer for The Host, a science fiction flick based on the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer – author of the Twilight series. I’ll try not to hold that against this movie! Borrowing from the classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers, this story takes place long after the invasion has taken place and Earth is at peace, even though said peace came at a terrible price. Just about all human beings are now vessels for extra-terrestrial life forms.

But of course, there is a small resistance, human beings who remain free and unoccupied by alien minds and wish to stay that way. After after a young woman is seized and “possessed”, her new alien overlords try to access her memories in the hopes of findings others like her. However, soon her old mind reasserts itself and she escapes their custody, hoping to find her way back to the one she loves.

And of course, a chase follows as the alien bad guys try to reclaim her and force her to forget her love and forgo her human half. Kind of a love conquers all story with an alien possession angle! Enjoy the trailer. Several more have been released since this first one, but I personally found this one the most entertaining!

A Good Day To Die Hard

It must be trailer day today, as this is the second new movie trailer I find myself posting. But it can’t exactly be helped. Today, as I found myself sitting here, taking care of my sick wife, and enjoying Die Hard, I was reminded of a very important trailer I caught over the weekend. While watching Skyfall in the theater, an especially exciting and action packed preview came on that got my wife all excited.

At first, I was kind of thinking “Oh God, not another one”. But after a few seconds of intense action and lots of explosions, I got caught up in the fever and realized I wanted to see it too! I mean, why stop making them as long as formula still works and audiences can be expected to turn out in droves? Anyway, here it is, the second trailer to be released from the studio in recent months, and the one that confirms the date of release (Feb. 14th, 2013)

New “Man of Steel” Trailer!

Behold! In the wake of this years’ Comic Con, it seems that trailer fever has struck. I, being a geek and hence unimmune to such strains of fever, am making it a point to post the updates. Here’s the most recent trailer from the upcoming Superman relaunch “Man of Steel”, which was first announced at Comic Con during preview night.

In this updated preview, we get a glimpse of the new Clark Kent (Henry Cavill), his father (played by Kevin Costner), and a scene of him with his Superman cape breaking the sound barrier. And of course its all done to a sort of “set the scene” narrative which establishes the coming of age nature of the movie, much like the “with great power comes great responsibility” speech Peter Parker’s uncle gave him in Spiderman.

Aside from that, this preview is pretty damn spares. Clearly, the studio is taking the eye drop approach, releasing tiny little clips to tease and taunt the audience into demanding more. By comparison, Robocop – another relaunch which first previewed at Comic Con – appears to be taking the Prometheus approach: doing mock ads and context pieces in order to establish background. Personally, I like the latter approach better. It promises that there will be debt to the franchise and more than just a bildungsroman about a central hero.