The Tyrene Code, Continued!

security-guard-museum-entraHello Avengers. As you are all no doubt aware, we seem to have a case on our hands. Thanks to the information provided by Judgement, we find ourselves tasked with unlocking a rather peculiar mystery, which I have dubbed the Tyrene Code. Named in honor of famed artist, thief, and treasure hunter Mike Tyrene, this mission is unlike anything we’ve done so far as a team.

For one, this mission may be a matter of national security. It seems that some years back, Tyrene stole something of importance from a government facility. For reasons that are unclear, he was never prosecuted for the offense, and to this day no one knows what exactly he took. However, when Tyrene turned to art and made an impact in the art world, rumors abounded that he hid clues as to what he took and where he was hiding it in his paintings.

As you we all know, one of the paintings was just stolen from the city’s most prestigious art museum. Two remain, one in another major art museum and the other in the possession of one of the cities most prestigious collectors – a Mrs. Lydia Morris. Given the possible nature of these paintings, its likely the other two will be stolen soon, and then whoever’s taking them will have all three pieces to the code for themselves.

lasersAnd for this reason, I am proposing that we do something drastic. Already I have placed a call with a source of mine inside the NSA in the hopes that he could give us some clue as to what Tyrene stole. He could not be specific, and indicated that he would only give me what he could in person, away from where others in his agency might be able to notice. And of course, he would only give this information to me…

Second, we need to get to those paintings before the thieves do. And we all know that we can’t exactly buy them from the museum and a rich art collector, not at current market value and the money we make! So we’re going to have to steal them. I know grand theft doesn’t exactly look good on our league’s resume, but we may not have a choice. What is hidden in those paintings was enough to keep the government off Tyrene’s back for years. A few thefts will be worth it if it can save lives.

Justice-LeagueWhile I’m meeting with my source, I need three teams to form up and begin working on a solution. The first team will be charged with breaching the museum’s security while the second will be tasked with breaking into Mrs. Morris’ home. The third needs to learn what they can about the first painting which was stolen. If we knew exactly how it was taken, it could give us a clue as to who these people are and how they work.

We will not move until I get the information we need, but we can certainly case the places out and determine what kind of abilities and specialties will be needed.

As usual, this is the point where I would ask for volunteers…

The Revengers: The Tyrene Code!

Última_Cena_-_Da_Vinci_5Welcome back, superheroes! The following communiques came in from two field agents a few nights ago. In my desire to find another mission for our league, it seems that once again, one has found us instead. While our first missions were dedicated to fighting the scum and villainy that occupy the gutter, and the rich and powerful men who collude with them, our focus this time around lies in the world of high stakes and deep secrets.

At this point, I’ll turn things over to Judgement who brought this to our attention:

“Three nights ago a painting was stolen from the Art Museum, by a local artist named Mike Tyrene. However, Mike Tyrene was also a thief and a treasure hunter. According to FBI sources, Tyrene apparently stole something from a government building, something the government didn’t want getting out. I don’t know what it is, but before Tyrene died, he supposedly hid the location of what he stole in clues embedded in the last 3 paintings he made before dying of leukemia. One of those paintings was the one stolen. And the other two are somewhere in this town.”

TopsecretFrightening prospect. If in fact Tyrene discovered something truly secretive and potentially dangerous, we need to make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. If their is a code to be found in his artwork, the thieves might crack it and find their way to whatever it is. I don’t think I need to stress that this is something we should not allow to happen.

Our dedicated hero and avenging angel, Dark Angel, had this suggestion to make:

“I think we better split into two teams: one to track down the stolen painting; and another to get our hands on the other Tyrene pieces before the thief does. For all we know, one of the remaining two may be concealing information crucial to national security! Or worse, plans to a weapon that could put the global population at risk.”

And here was my response:

“Very well, but might I recommend we pay a visit to the good people at the NSA as well. If anyone knows what Tyrene had stolen, it would be them. Lucky for us, I just happen to have a contact there from my days working security. Some days we covered diplomatic summits, and a guy who works there ows me a favor. Anyone want to come for a ride to Maryland?”

Which should we do first? Obviously, knowing what we are protecting is important, but I’m thinking our first step should be securing the remaining paintings and making sure the thieves don’t get their hands on them. Only once we’ve done that should I see about getting in touch with my contact within the NSA. If we can get our hands on some pieces of the puzzle too, it might be to our benefit. The more WE know, the less likely we are to get the runaround from government sources. This friend of mine may owe me a favor, but I trust government men about as far as I can throw em!