The Cronian Incident

A disgraced investigator who once worked the Martian beat, Jeremiah Ward now serves his sentence in a mining colony on Mercury.

His golden opportunity arises when a member of a powerful faction on Titan vanishes and Ward is promised, in exchange for investigating this man’s disappearance, a clean slate and a second chance.

Unwittingly, Ward becomes embroiled in a conspiracy centuries in the making and begins to realise his one shot at redemption may cost him his life.

Praise for The Cronian Incident:

  • An exciting science fiction adventure into the technological future. An exhilarating read for scientists and fiction lovers alike.”Prof. Abraham Loeb, Harvard University
  • “The Cronian Incident, which I recommended to my audience as my top Sci-Fi read of the year, is a treasure of planetary science.”Heather Archuletta
  • “Mr. Williams delivers an exciting tale in this story. It was a very enjoyable read and I’m looking forward to seeing more from him.” – J.J. Clayborn
  • “Pick it up, and be transported.” – Rami Ungar the Writer
  • “[A] science fiction story that fans of The Expanse will really enjoy! Williams injects a realism into this splendid science fiction story that is reminiscent of some of the best in the genre.” – R.A. McCandless
  • “This was one of the best science fiction novels I’ve read in some time.”Charles W. Gregory
  • “From the opening scene, these stories will draw you into a richly imagined future world with characters and settings that resonate with realism.”Nathan J. Arnold
  • “I would expect this author to go far with such talent. Writing of this quality is hard work and he certainly put the effort into it.” – Stephen Desmond

Where to buy:; Castrum Press, Audible

The Jovian Manifesto

The Jovian Manifesto

Months have passed since the incident on Titan. For Emile and the Formists, life is returning to normal now that their enemies have been dealt with. Or so they thought.

On the Jovian world of Europa, a mysterious document has been released that threatens to reveal everything. The Jovian Manifesto, as it’s called, has the Outer Worlds up in arms and the Inner Worlds fearing a civil war.

The Solar System is on the verge of ignition, and all that is needed is a spark.

Praise for The Jovian Manifesto:

  • “Exciting plot with a good foundation in science. This is not surprising given the author’s expertise as an excellent science writer for Universe Today. Inspiring ending. Highly recommended!” – Prof. Abraham Loeb, Harvard University
  • “Excellent and fascinating story. For those of us readers who have joined the Interplanetary Accord, the second book in The Formist Series doesn’t disappoint! More action, more planets and moons, all interspersed with a valid political story.” – Heather Archuletta
  • “I don’t think I’ve been so involved in a science fiction series since I read the Honor Harrington books by David Weber.” – Charles W. Gregory
  • “…much faster paced than its predecessor and features some pretty awesome action scenes… There were also some great twists along the way…” – Rami Ungar the Writer
  • “Lots of action, character development, plot twists… I also really love the whole premise of the book(s), colonization of our solar system. Realistic science fiction rather than fairly tail stories based on unrealistic advances in technology that would make Albert Einstein do multiple palm to foreheads . Although there is some very cool tech in these stories!” – Cameron Woodbridge

Where to buy:, Castrum Press, Audible

The Frost Line Fracture

The Outer Worlds are engulfed in conflict.

The Solar Assembly are preparing to send troops to intervene, a move which threatens to thrust the entire Solar System into civil war.

On Mars, Emile Chandraskher and his Formist Faction, are preparing the final stages of their decades-long plan for ultimate control.

In the midst of this, an unlikely group of dissenters and misfits emerge. And they have a score to settle!

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