Going to Ottawa!

Skating-on-the-Rideau-Canal-500x400Hi Folks. Just wanted to let people know that I will be away for the next week as the wife and I do our biannual trip to my old hometown of Ottawa. This means regular post by me will cease for that time. I know my output has been sluggish lately, but it will be less so as the darling bride and I visit with my old friends and take in the sites and sounds.

We don’t get much in the way of Autumn out here on the West Coast. Sure, its get cold and rainy, but fall colors don’t happen much since most of our trees are evergreens. So it will be a treat to be surrounded by that this year! And we’re certainly looking forward to visiting plenty of the old haunts with plenty of my old crew! I love living here in BC, but I would very much like to have better access to these people.

When I get back, be prepared to hear all about the following topics:

  • Papa Zulu done editing and ready for beta testing!
  • a review of the season four opener of The Walking Dead and The Oath webepisodes
  • the latest from the Revengers
  • more chapters of Oscar Mike
  • more updates on the Yuva anthology
  • more updates on tech developments that are both awe inspiring and scary!

Take care you all and hope to catch up again soon!