New Doctor Who Trailer

Doctor Who already has the reputation of being the longest-running science fiction show in the history of television. The original series ran from 1963 to 1989, embracing 26 seasons, seven different actors, 694 episodes (plus 106 that never made it to air), and a changeover from black and white to color. So it’s really no surprise that now, years later when retro is so damn popular, that the BBC would be trying to relaunch the series.

And in anticipation for the 50th anniversary of the show, BBC has released this new teaser trailer that previews all that is to come with the new season. And I think you’ll agree, it’s an exercise in awesomeness. At first, I wasn’t even sure I was watching a television promo. With some of the special effects used, it looked more like a movie preview. I mean, would it really be so farfetched to assume that they would be making a movie at this point?

In addition to providing some hints and teasers of what’s to come, it also features one of the best scenes involving the fictional protagonists known as the Daleks. If I remember my notes from the previous post on AI’s, these would be the alien cybernetic organisms that were created for a war, but have since gone on to become a force of unstoppable malevolence who simply want to destroy anyone in their path.

Check it out, and if you’re a fan, hope you enjoy the new season. I myself have only seen a few episodes and found it to be the perfect example of classic sci-fi. But damn it if the story isn’t just impossible to get into at this point! There’s such a weighty legacy behind it, any time I’ve seen it I’ve been left with the feeling that I need to do my homework. And with something like Doctor. Who, who has that kind of time? 😉

Via: IO9