Barely Political Tackles Star Wars VII!

star-wars-complete-cast-20042One of my favorite band of comedians and spoof artists – “Barely Political” – posted this video on their Youtube site recently. Perhaps best known for their song parodies performed by the band “The Key of Awesome”, they took a different path this time and decided to make some rather hilarious, satirical predictions of what the new Star Wars movie would look like.

Beginning with a shot at George Lucas, whom they portray as a bit of an overeating tyrant, they go on to predict what the original characters would look like in this day and age, take a few hosts at the prequel trilogy for its long, drawn out scenes of political intrigue and the stupid antics of Jar Jar, and top it all off with a little spoofing on how a Disney movie can’t go five minutes without incorporating a musical number.

Yeah, its all around fun watching! So enjoy and let’s hope the latest addition to the Star Wars saga steers well clear of all this 😉

Dark Knight Parody

Hey all, I thought I’d share this little nuggat, the “The Dark Knight is Confused” by professional spoofsters The Key of Awesome. This is an oldie, but given all the Batman news of late, I thought it might be fun to post.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you really need to! Few people like to acknowledge that the Dark Knight had some serious plot holes, but these guys manage to make fun of them in just the right way. And the Joker and Alfred impersonations are pretty spot on. Click on it!