Reviews are in… well two anyway!

The reviews are in from fans who have taken time out of their busy day to post reviews for a story of mine. The story in question is Liability, which has been downloaded 2470 times and added to 33 personal libraries! Here’s what two of said people have had to say:

“Good story. Gets you wrapped up in the action right away and doesn’t stop till the end.”

“Dont look behind you when you read this novel, they may be watching you. thoroughly enjoyable reading.”

Just what I was going for too! Good to know other people spot this stuff, even better when they spot things you yourself didn’t intend when you wrote it. But that’s how it goes, oftentimes the reader will reveal things of the text that the author did not realize they were including, but which is no less valid (at least that’s what T.S. Eliot tells us!) More to come soon.