“The Moonlight”: China’s Hills get the Mega-City Treatment

moonlightArtist Yang Yongliang recently unveiled a new series of picture art in the gallery at the Galerie Paris-Beijing. In The Moonlight series,  he depicts China’s rolling hills in a hyper-futuristic context. With The Moonlight series, he combines his skills in traditional Chinese artistry with a little “urban romance”, adding a sprawling, shimmering megalopolis to the traditional setting and motifs.

Having studied traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy at the Shanghai Fine Arts Institute, Yang has long shown a preference for art that juxtaposes the natural with the man-made. As you scroll through the collection, you notice close ups of the cliff-scaling domiciles, crisscrossed patterns of roads, and even what appears to be cranes standing on mountain tops.

silentvalleyAnd of course, this is just the latest in a long line of Yang’s classic-modern masterpieces. In fact, Moonlight is quite similar to his earlier piece, The Silent Valley, where we see a woman in a white silk robe looking at hills in the distance. In two pictures, we see those hills are alive with brilliant lights, a clear indication of habitation.

moonlight2And then there’s Bowl of Taipei, where the Taiwanese mega-city – situated again on mountainous terrain – is depicted as a small island contained within a bowl. Resembling a world within a world, the clouds that wrap the hillside estates and waterfalls look very much like steam wafting up from a hot bowl of noodles!

Follow the links below to take a gander at the collection. And if you should find yourself in Paris, Brussels or Beijing in the near future, the show will be running from March 14th to April 27th of this year.

Source: IO9, thiscoloassal.com