The Zombie Killing Bullet!

Just when I thought this Zombie craze was ebbing, it seems an ammunition manufacturer has gone and developed a bullet specifically designed for killing zombies. The company’s name is Hornady Manufacturing Co. and the product is known as the Z-Max. Apparently, the bullet line was inspired by Mr. Hornady’s passion for zombie films, so the product is more gimmick than anything else.

Still, these are real bullets that are capable of killing real people, regardless of whether or not they are high on Bath Salts. But of course, the promotional video emphasizes killing “varmints”, and features rodents rather than the Walking Dead. But with a name like Zombie Max and a motto like “Just in Case” you gotta know who they’re really talking about. Naked face eating people or zombie groundhogs… yeah, I think we all know!

Apparently, the bullets feature an exploding tip packed into every bullet. Other features include ultra-flat trajectories and patented jacket technology that give it a lot of punch and some serious velocity. So I’m thinking if we do see an outbreak of Bath Salt or government-engineered virus infected undead creatures, we’ll want to pack our weapons with these high-speed exploding bullets!

Just for fun, the company also released a silly video demonstrating the performance of their ammo on (ahem) zombie varmints. Personally, I think a promotional spot with AMC’s The Walking Dead would have been way better. Isn’t season3 coming up soon? You can’t beat that kind of exposure! Happy hunting y’all!

Source: Io9