Russian Hovercraft Crashes Into Beach

hover_crashThe Russian Zubr-class hovercraft is the largest military hovercraft in the world. Measuring roughly 67 meters long, weighing 550 tons fully loaded, and capable of running at 112 km/hour (70 mph), this machine of war is capable of delivering three battle tanks and up to 400 soldiers into a theater of war.

So what the hell was one doing landing on a crowded beach in Mechnikovo, a peninsula that sits on the Baltic Sea near Kaliningrad? Interestingly enough, no one seems to know. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, which released a statement after the incident, the entire thing was part of a normal military maneuver:

Docking at the beach… is a normal event. What people were doing at the beach on the territory of a military [base] is unclear.

So apparently, the beach is part of a military facility? If so, someone forgot to inform the thousands of beach goers who assembled there. No additional information, like if anyone was injured or killed, or even if Russia’s Defense Ministry is full of crap, has been released just yet. But I’m betting good money that the military hierarchy screw the pooch on this one!

Check it out: