Prometheus Landing, New Trailer!

Yes, you read that right. Ridley Scott and his production team have released yet another preview for their upcoming summer blockbuster hit, Prometheus. Now how many does that make now? Three video clips of the actual movie, plus those two viral videos they released as promotional side-shows? That would make five clips in total now, yes?

All I can say is, this movie better be epic! After this kind of build-up, nothing less will do!

8 thoughts on “Prometheus Landing, New Trailer!

  1. I’m a bit excited about this one. I’ll likely be the last person to see it because I don’t go to the theater so I won’t see it until it comes out on disc. Nevertheless, I am ubber excited. I am a lover of the Alien Series and this already looks phenom. I second stewartry on Idris Elba. Looks like awesomeness coming.

  2. my god, do you think the space-jockeys and the aliens may be actually genetically-related in that they need a host to fully mature? that would explain a lot and be in “the strands of Alien DNA”.

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