Holy crap, this has been the month of milestones! As the title suggests, I have just received my 1000th “Like”! You gotta appreciate the notifications feature on this website man, they really keep you abreast of things. And as usual, there are many, many people to thank.

First off, I would like to thank jazfagan for being my 1000th like. As the person who pushed the stock ticker over, you deserve special mention. I also notice you’ve been following me and liking my posts for some time, so good for you! And me…

Also, there are many people who take the time to come by and like what I have to say. I know I can’t possibly honor everyone who has done so, but I shall try to do my best by giving credit where credit is due. The following people deserve special mention:

Amateur Professional
nine and a half hours ahead
Nonoy Manga

Were it not for your attention-giving, on a pretty much daily basis, I’d be typing to myself! I know this is starting to sound repetitive after three separate announcements, but it’s still true. And all the kind words of encouragement, suggestions and constructive criticism have been extremely helpful and encouraging. While I am still not as accomplished as I would like to be, stuff like this makes me think like it’s truly possible.

Thank you again, and best of luck to all of you in all your future endeavors!

8 thoughts on “1000 Likes!

  1. I think part of the secret to your success is lists. Some people hate to do lists. But I love to read lists. It is a nice, neat, organized format that makes it easy to compare what I’ve read and watched to what others have read and watched and to see where my thoughts on those things line up with other people or deviate from the norm. Your research is great, your knowledge base is outstanding, and you present your topics really well.

    1. Yep, I think that urbannight makes a great point: lists work. I am always filling in the gaps in my own research from lists like yours, and finding new ways to think about my research. And the fact that you always illustrate them makes them even more appealing. Thanks, Matt!

    2. Wait a minute, why isn’t your name on this list? WHO’S IN CHARGE! Oh wait, I am. So since I don’t want to get me in trouble, I’ll fix this right now and hopefully the manager (me) won’t notice… done!

  2. Heck, I owe YOU for the google glasses article. I’m on a mission now to have a pair like Shepherd on Mass Effect. 😉

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