Nazis on the Moon?

Well, that seems to be the premise of this new dark sci-fi comedy. Based on the idea that the Nazis have been hiding on the Dark Side of the Moon since shortly before losing the war, the movie opens with their long-awaited offensive to retake Earth. The movie is called Iron Sky, and premiered in Europe back in April. Since then, the movies been making the round, going to cities and theaters wherever fans have requested it be shown.

And judging from the promos and teaser trailer, this movie is a seriously bad film! And I mean the kind of film that’s so bad, it’s awesome! It puts me in mind of more respectable science fiction, such as the alternate history classics of The Man In The High Castle and Fatherland, except those wre actually realistic portrayals of what thw world would be like had the Nazis won. Still, this premise seems much more fun!

8 thoughts on “Nazis on the Moon?

  1. I saw this movie…well, about as much as I could stand, which totaled about 30 minutes. Awesomeness aside, and I mean waaayyyy aside, I can’t say anything good about this film. I hated it. Let’s not detail the blatantly racist elements, which I still can’t decide if they were really funny or if I was laughing to keep from crying, the plot sucks rotten pickled rat feculent and you’d kinda have to pay me to ever endure another moment of it. I think The Boy saw the movie in its entirety and I think he deserves a medal or a butt kicking for getting to the end.
    B movies aren’t a bad thing. I like them. They’re fun and interesting and brave. But this thing?… I’d use it for toilet tissue.
    This movie was stupid beyond.

      1. Yes. Totally. You said it right. I get what they were trying to accomplish, I do, but I was offended and that isn’t at all easy. In all honesty though, comedy isn’t my bag, so that didn’t help my assessment of the film. I’m not a yuck it up jokey movie type of girl, so for me to like a comedy, it’s gotta be well done and smart. Piggy-backing on offensive stereotypes for a laugh? IDK. This was just a stupid film. Even without the offensive elements. Just dumb.
        BTW, my favorite comedy is Shaun of the Dead. Got an 8.0 at IMDb.

      2. Oh that one was good. I just picked up their TV series, Spaced, which is what put them on the radar. It’s a little different,but quite funny too, especially for the geekily inclined! I recommend it.

  2. I’ve been thinking that moon has been abandoned as a sci-fi local lately. But that is just wrong. That’s as bad of an idea as the Nazi’s that survived hiding in a land on the inside of the planet. You know, that movie where they steal peoples skin and faces and have been keeping Hilter’s head alive. They power a robot body for him. That one. I spent most of the movie in the com0puter room hiding from the badness.

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