Let The Vacay Begin!

Hey all. Just wanted to let people know that I will be AFK (Away From Keyboard) for about a week starting this weekend. The wife and I will be heading off to walk the beautiful Sunshine Coast, roughing it in the wilderness for about five days with nothing but the sun, surf, and trees to keep us company.

Then it’s off to the Comox Valley for a little visitation with the parental units, followed by a week of house/cat sitting and visiting with my grandma. Did I mention my folks have eight cats? Yes, eight! What can I say? They live in a rural area and they’re part of a rescue society so… yeah, lot’s of furry critters around that house! Luckily, my grandma doesn’t seem to mind.

Luckily, by then I will be back in range of a computer with internet access, so I’ll be accessible again for anyone who cares. Grim5Next people, I’m looking in your direction! I know you guys can’t do anything without me, but you’ll just have to make do without me for a few days 😉

I also plan to do some serious work while house-sitting for the family. Tasks that I hope to get completed in that time are as follows:

  • Finish editing Data Miners already!
  • Finish my contribution to the Yuva Anthology (Winston Agonistes)
  • Get more chapters done for Whiskey Delta
  • Write up a new chapter for Crashland (still need people to vote on that one!)
  • Proofread new submissions for Yuva (Amber, that’d be your story)
  • Get some TKD training in with the Comox Valley people
  • Sit around the deck drinking GandTs and using the Hot Tub

Okay, that last one isn’t a task, just something I want to do while I’m up there. Yeah, there isn’t going to be much to do for those few days, so I hope to be uber-productive. Can you tell?

I hope everybody’s having an awesome summer and taking the time to enjoy the outdoors and the seasonal weather. I also hope you’re spending it with the people you care most about. When it comes right down to it, they are all that matter! I also hope those of you who have regular dayjobs, unlike us educators, are all taking this opportunity to use those vacation days, and any sick days and overtime you might have banked up, and hitting the road, the beach, the mountains, the sea, jet setting… You know, whatever you do when you go on vacation 😉

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