New Dredd Trailer

This is one movie that just doesn’t seem to quit when it comes to promos and trailers! Already, I have found half a dozen showcasing one or another aspect of the film. Whether it’s the setting (Mega City One), the drug Slo-Mo, the quasi-propaganda war between Dredd and Ma-Ma, or the violence-porn, nothing seems to be off limits here. But if it’s says anything about the power of proper advertising, I’m probably going to see this movie at some point. Maybe when it comes to video…

Anyway, here it is, the extended “Ultimate Judgment” Trailer!

2 thoughts on “New Dredd Trailer

  1. I really wanted to see this. I didn’t mind the changes. I was not feeling well so my roommate went to it and liked it. Opening weekend. One weekend later, I wanted to go, it had only ONE showing in the entire city. We have a LOT of movie theaters. Needless to say, I didn’t get to see it. I’m bummed. I’ll catch it later. Maybe it will show up at the cheap seats.

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