Batman: Nightwing Short

There’s something to be said about short fan videos. Oftentimes, they are of low-quality and really don’t boast a lot of thought or creativity. But every so often, you get something of real value. Star Wars fans have been treated to some rather appealing videos over the years where fans, using their own imaging and rendering software, produced videos of lightsaber fights that weren’t half bad. And more recently, I came across this video which is the first in a proposed series of Batman shorts that were inspired by the original comics.

This one is entitled Batman: Nightwing and follows the exploits of Dick Grayson, the original Robin who went on to become his own superhero after leaving Batman’s side. Here we see him being called in to deal with the Red Hood, a villain in that emerged relatively recently in the franchise who turned about to be Jason Todd, the second Robin. For those who are unfamiliar with the comics, this is the Robin who was murdered by the Joker and then was resurrected, and returned to Gotham as a villain.

Personally, I like the video because it takes two characters who are important in their own right, but rarely the focus in the franchise, and squares them off against each other. There’s also a sense of generational conflict since we basically have the original Robin and his successor fighting, the one who went independent fighting the one who went bad. It just feels appropriate and significant, don’t you think?

The producer, Danny Shepherd, indicated that this video would become part of a series, and that was when it reached its first 100,000 hits. Now, it’s hovering at just over 540,000! Yeah, I’m thinking there’s going to be a sequel or two 😉 Check out the video:

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