Calling All Superheroes!

Attention to all those who signed up to become part of the New New Justice League/The Revengers. I am still waiting on some people to complete their bios and their profiles before I can complete our superhero registration form. Yes, they make you fill these out if you want to fight crime or commit them, it’s like a union thing or something. We don’t want to be scabs now do we? If we don’t register soon, they’ll blackball us from all the parties and we won’t be notifications for important seminars, webinars and retreats.

So… please submit your paperwork to HR in a timely manner so I can get out squad up and running.

Okay, seriously though, this is actually been pretty cool! People have come forward to create superhero identities which I think might actually work, and I wouldn’t mind putting them all together and seeing if we can’t create a serial from this or something. Sure, many of our characters are all slightly comedic and satirical, but that’s okay. People like a good comedic rip-off of their old favorites! So to commit to this enterprise which I started as a sort of goof, I am hoping people can finish their characters by making sure they’ve taken the Superhero Challenge parts two and three. If not, I shall be forced to pencil in your details, and I will not be gentle! I will be cliched, humorous, and even a bit tongue-in-cheek.

And I should also mention that in the spirit of things, I have created my own character. Captain Smacdown is his name! Here are his specs, as they will appear in the final installment of our Superhero Challenge, once all characters are registered and complete:

Captain Smackdown

Alter ego: Matt Williams, mild mannered educator/writer/blogger
Appearance: Molded armor suit, dark gunmetal grey, fist logo on the chest, utility belt with tons of guns, smoke grenades, incendiaries, and assorted cool gadgets. Cigar in mouth, scarred cheek, eye patch over one eye. Expressions range from shit-eating grin to a scowl.
Abilities: Mad Fighting Skills, Guns, Gadgets
Backstory: Once an educator with inner city youths and part-time writer, Matt was traumatized when a student of his was murdered in front of him and he was left mortally wounded. Saddened, angry and broken, he joined a private security firm and learned the art of weapons and tactics, but soon became disillusioned with their methods. Realizing that the world was full of evil and that the line between right and wrong was something one could easily find themselves on the wrong side of, he began trekking across the world, learning martial arts and philosophy in East Asia before returning home to fight crime on his own. After many years of battling scum and criminals in the streets, he rose to become head of a new order for fighting evil wherever it reared its ugly head. The New New Justice League/Revengers!
Catchphrase: “Here comes the Smackdown!”

28 thoughts on “Calling All Superheroes!

    1. Indeed. Now please wait here while I summon the others. We need to have our first briefing. From what the union tells me, everyone needs to be apprised of the rules and regulations governing superhero bodies.

    1. Alright! That’s one ringing endorsement for that name. I was originally going with the new new thing because it seemed funny. But Revengers came to the other night and seemed too on-the-spot to miss!

      1. Well yes. You know better than most now what the necessities are. First, your three abilities, then a superhero name. Then you need to select a costume, write up a quick blurb on how you came to be and pick a catchphrase. Then, after a perusal from Capt. Smackdown (me), you’ll get your member card and parking privileges.

      2. Sir, yes sir! (I’m emailing this to myself so I can remember it all!) Yeah, I get to play!! Thank you! … may take me a few days, we’re running on a generator courtesy of Sandy, so I’m using as little power as possible… but it’s coming!

      3. Sandy danced on through, though not the worst of her. We have that to be grateful for at least. Just goes to show I truly am Damned, today is my birthday, and two years in a row now we’ve been without power on Oct. 30th… I suck – maybe that will be my superpower! LOL

      4. Yep. It’s you drawing power from the cosmos! That could be your thing, Birthday Girl! Every year, she draws energy to restore her superpowers. Just make sure you’re electrical circuits are off, or they will be permanently!

      5. Nah, I have to be something way more cool than Birthday Girl! My first thought was Centanina… but I’ll have to see where that goes, plus it doesn’t leave much of a ‘secret identity’.

      1. I’m being lame and not doing a Halloween costume this year. Yeah, I know… The whole waking up at 4 am to go to work the next day puts a damper on weeknight festivities… 😛

      2. Oh wait… I was thinking this was the post about your Bane costume. I’ve got Halloween on the brain. You know, I might just take you up on this!!

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