Calling All Revengers!

Hello to all members and all applicants! As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, the Revengers have come together and been declared an official force for justice and crime fighting. However, we still await the paperwork of a few standouts, people who have yet to fill out their bio work, submit photos, and provide other details. I hate to name names, but we’re all anxious to begin fighting crime and doing good in the community. And we’d hate to do it without a full compliment.

So, the following people need to submit the following info to HR forthwith:

Joaco (aka. Joaquin Barroso) – backstory and catchphrase

Pax (aka. Lance Schaubert) – backstory and catchphrase

Typos (aka. Greentree) – Alter ego, backstory, appearance, catchphrase

And please note that pictures are not a problem. Just let me know what you’re costume is and I can design a profile pic for you. Or, if you want to do it yourself, just follow this link and tinker til you like what you see:

Looking forward to hearing from you and completing our justice team! Soon, we should choose our first mission. My colleague, Veiled Tsunami and I were talking, and we figured our first mission should be to take down this cities drug peddlers. However, the floor is open to suggestions. We could always do something socially conscious, like clamp down on polluters, political corruption, or even take down a mass murderer! We’re the Revengers, we can do anything so long as its (technically) within the law and reason… sort of.

13 thoughts on “Calling All Revengers!

  1. Political Corruption and Industrial Crime will probably be connect in some way. Either via special dispensations or by sweeping things under the rug. Such pollution will probably involve those inner city thugs and petty criminals as a means to hide and transport said pollutants. It is all interconnected. It is just a matter of who is bribing or blackmailing or in bed (figuratively or literally) with whom.

    1. “I look forward to pulling the mask off these shady dealings, revealing the rot and stink of corruption that lies beneath!” That’s my line for our first meeting. I think I might actually want to adapt this into a real comic…

  2. Pax woke up.

    It’s not like he knew he was asleep or anything–like he had been sleeping and his story started in media res. Rather his entire life had turned out to be some sort of thinly-veiled dream, something lucid and yet unreal, self-conscious and yet marked by a distinctive other-ness.

    And so he woke up and found himself strong, resilient. It happened in the collapse of a Californian high-rise, a collapse that ended with Pax as sole survivor. Everyone he knew or cared for died in the fall.

    And so he headed east and things started happening to his body. Strange things. Things that humans shouldn’t be able to do. Things that needed explanation and had none. He woke up to this other side, these… well he wouldn’t call him powers. Powers were things wielded for tyrants. No, they were more like… potentials.

    Yeah, that was it. The world was full of all this potential, all these third ways, these roads out in the middle of an either/or society. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and the day he discovered his ability to stretch, Pax took neither and his creativity stretched out a third way…

    [hope that suffices, writing in a rush here in between projects. sorry, didn’t realize that this was as big as it was which might limit my availability to help on it]

      1. I guess some would be restricting voting hours, cutting early voting days down, doing away with the Sunday voting day, running out of ballots to name a few. But then I guess that all is moot as it only made people try harder. Thank you captain America.

      2. I’m Captain Smackdown! Not that serum-using phoney! Why doesn’t he just start pounding roids while he’s at it!

        Ahem… sorry. Incidentally, I get the feeling you’re referring to the alleged GOP abuse in the this and the last several elections? I think we should do something about this. Perhaps a wide-ranging campaign of intimidation against the offenders.

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