Data Miners Published!

Dataminers_3It’s finally happened. After three years of writing, editing and constant picking, I finally got around to pushing Data Miners through publication! As you can see, I decided to go with the black and green cover, which I feel highlights the lines of code best. And I also made sure there’d be print on the side. I feel there should be demarcation between the front and back covers, hope you agree.

And here is the precis I decided to go with on the back of the dust jacket. Hope it encapsulates the story without giving too much away:

“Prad is a member of the DeMarchy, an elite society of data miners dedicated to finding the patterns in chaos and exposing the lies that permeate our society. Or so he thinks. In reality, he’s a second-rate programmer working for a faceless company and obsessed with a woman he can’t possibly have. Until one day when a mysterious package arrives that plunges him into a mystery ten years in the making.  If he can crack the code, he just might be able to save his friends and himself.  If not, they’ll lose everything: their jobs, their freedom, and even their lives. Like everything else in Prad’s wireless world, the answer is out there, just waiting to be mined!

But to give my loyal followers are more in-depth survey, the book was inspired largely by the works of William Gibson and his exploration of technology and its effects on society. But for my own purposes, I wanted some serious espionage and spy thriller stuff, the kind of things people would expect from a techno-thriller. After all, one of the cornerstones of the digital age has been fears about the loss of privacy, the dangers of government surveillance, and the threat posed by insidious people with the wrong kinds of talents!

Add to that the concept of Democratic Anarchy, a west-coast libertarian perspective, and some real history – which I shamelessly exploited for the sake of fiction – and you’ve got Data Miners. In time, I will be producing the sequel, Data Pirates, which focuses on the darker side of hacking and libertarianism, and a finale, entitled Data Moguls. But those will have to wait for my current workload to cool down a little…

In the meantime, look for Data Miners on Amazon-Kindle! It will be appearing on my author page for the ebook price of 4.99, or for free if you’ve got a Kindle Select membership. My first full length novel is out, Yaaaaaay! Follow the links below if you want a copy:

Amazon Author Page

23 thoughts on “Data Miners Published!

      1. you’ve published thru Amazon and I think Smashwords. I haven’t, so what should I do to be prepared? And how does it work? Does it ask for my manuscript and then the cover, does it ask me if I’d like to dedicate the work to anyone, how does it work?

      2. You just upload your manuscript and cover separately, and as for dedications and stuff, they expect you to just put that in the manuscript itself. All the other stuff, author, title, pricing, distribution, etc, you fill in through a bunch of different fields and select what you want done with it. You can make it private, public, open it to sharing, etc. It’s not hard, and they do kind of walk you through it if you’re new.

      3. Yes I would. Try to make it look like the front cover of a dust jacket. That’s what I’ve seen others do and its what I do. In fact, I just crop a cover design to isolate the front part and post it.

      1. Uh, was it $11.99, because that’s not the one I selected initially. Let me know next time a book comes out, which ought to be soon. You deserve the friend discount 🙂

  1. I have to admit, I got on my kindle over the weekend and bought a title of two of your work. I haven’t started yet because I’m finishing an Andre Norton title and a paper book as well.

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