Going to Seattle!

Space_Needle002Hi folks. Just a heads up from your humble blogger to say that I will be out of town for the next few days, and therefore quite AFK! In fact, it seems I’ve been away-from-keyboard quite a bit these past few weeks. But it’s been that kind of month. Plenty of drama, tragedies involving old friends, injuries and illnesses, and lots of lots of tiring work.

Naturally, this weekend is expected be a reprieve from most of that. The family, which includes my mother, father, sister and brother-in-law, are all getting together in Seattle to celebrate the birthdays of my darling wife, mother and myself. Ah, perhaps I should explain that better. You see, our three birthdays all fall within a few days of each other. And as my sister lives down in Oregon, we find it is difficult for large-scale family gatherings.

As such, we do our best to convene the six of us whenever we can as close to the days of January 21st to 26th as possible. As usual, there is to be shopping, visits to local places of color and culture, and hopefully a good long walk in the Pike Place Market. Always a good time down there, and this year I wonder if I will run into half as many crazies as last year. I tell ya, within the space of a block, there was a man yelling “I didn’t do it!” at me, a woman handing out pamphlets of how RFID chips were the “Mark of the Devil”, and a Church of Scientology offering free IQ tests. I’ll leave it to you to guess which I found the nuttiest!

Pike Place Market SeattleAnd, assuming I get my way, we shall also be taking a tour of the Pike Place Brewery this year, one of North America’s oldest and most venerated craft breweries! As a beer snob with his own website (check it out here), I always enjoy sampling new and exciting beers and this place has been a very good source of Pacific Northwest brews over the last few years. It, like much else about the Northwestern US, makes me think that a Cascadian Republic could really work. Or failing that, that the great states of Washington and Oregon should be invited to become part of Canada. It’s not so crazy, many people say they are practically the 11th and 12 provinces anyway! 😉

In any case, I look forward to seeing my sister again, as we get so few chances to get together anymore. Hoping to score some decent swag and give my sister the presents she’s been waiting on for the past few birthdays and Christmases as well. I shall be back on Sunday, so whatever editing, writing, and articling I have promised or committed to shall resume by then. Hope you all have a great weekend too, cuz I know we’ve all earned one! I look forward to us all being well-rested, relaxed and alert come Monday!

3 thoughts on “Going to Seattle!

  1. Oh my goodness, have SUCH a wonderful time! You’ll be passing through my neck of the woods on the way, no doubt. 🙂
    Pike Brewery is always an excellent stop, too delicious! And the tourist in me loves wandering the Market too. Hope you, the wife, and the mom have a great birthday celebration and enjoy the time with family!! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.

    1. It was awesome! The family almost bailed on Pike when they heard it would be a half hour wait to get in, and I was PISSED! I didn’t get to go in two years back simply because someone wanted to shop somewhere else!

      But I didn’t want to be a downer, especially with me not being able to see my sis much. But my wife was a doll and said WE could go and meet them up later. So we went in, had an AWESOME time, and met everyone later… and we were only mildly drunk 😉

      The rest was great too. The Market at large, the Music Experience, the Aquarium, Bocca di Beppis, and of course the extensive drive!

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