The Collector: A Revenger Mission Update!

marvel-superheroesWelcome back, Revengers! Our mission to crack the code and uncover the mystery of famed artist, thief and treasure hunter Mike Tyrene continues. The following is a transcript from Team 3, which was tasked with procuring one of the Tyrene paintings from Mrs. Lydia Morris. A private collector, and an elderly soul, this mission was entrusted to of our most tactful and gentle souls – Panacea and Styka. Their team has reported success, and a possible clue to the larger mystery…

“Mrs. Morris is gray haired and wrinkled, but she has bright blue eyes and moves with the ease of a dancer. She was home when Styka and I arrived and seemed like such a nice lady. Styka thought we should talk to her first. At first she was kind enough, but as we explained what we wanted, her eyes darkened and her body stiffened. We tried to explain that we were trying to out smart some bad guys.

“Why would I want to give my painting to two skinny vigilante girls in tights? My husband gave that painting to me on our 50th wedding anniversary.”

That’s when I began to understand the problem. I looked around at the pictures on the wall and on the cabinet. There were no photos of children or grandchildren. There were plenty of photographs of two people enjoying life as they grew old together. I’m the goddess of healing so I took her hand and felt her heartbreak. Her husband had recently died and she was having trouble grieving. The bright eyes and ease of walk was a cover up. She was ignoring the pain of loneliness.

I gently gave her enough healing so she could properly grieve. As the needed tears came, she told us she wanted to be alone. She also told us to take the painting. We promised to safely return it when we were finished with it.

As we were looking at the painting, Styka noticed something that might be important…”

The report ends there. However, things became more clear when the team arrived back at base with the painting in their possession. Ostensibly, its a landscape painting, featuring a realistically rendered picture of the old ruins overlooking the city. Lauded for its merger of traditional and modern, making the statement about the crassness of consumerism and progress, the painting also contains a strange figure in the lower corner.

It’s a man dressed in a dark suit with dark glasses overlooking the city, apparently holding his finger to his ear. It’s an especially strange touch since most of the people in the painting are indigents who look like they’ve made the ruins home. Could this be the first clue, or just a case of artistic license?

10 thoughts on “The Collector: A Revenger Mission Update!

      1. Craigflower Hill’s shipping district is quiet. Well, on the outside anyway. Underneath it all, there’s a lot of ugly stuff, things only I can sense. Over there, someone’s considering killing his dad for insurance money. And over there is a woman who just saw her husband with another woman. She’s getting ready to smash his car while he’s in the sack.
        And there’s me, sitting like a hawk on top of a warehouse, looking like a freaky gargoyle. I’m absorbing all the hate, the despair. It’s my power source. And I send it all back at the people who make this city disgusting. My name is Judgement. And I rain my wrath down upon all evil.
        As I absorb enough power, I start to move. Things have been too quiet lately, so I’m excited to be out on the hunt, flying through the air, trying to find Arthur Goehner. We’ve split up because Goehner likes to move his market around for security purposes. Bonfire and Freedom Fighter are on the north and south parts of the shipping district. I got the middle, and I’m sensing greed, hostility, a few other emotions, but mostly greed.
        Found it, in that big cargo carrier. I swoop in under the ship’s deck and sense the many people inside, their emotions giving me more power. Flying up over the deck, I send the guards flying into the water before they even notice me. Then I’m below deck.
        “It’s Judgement!” someone shouts. People panic.
        Ever since I punished the guy responsible for my girl’s paralysis and scarring and the death of her dad and made him confess it all on live TV while I dangled him from ten stories up, I can’t make a quiet entrance.
        As guns come out, I take the guns out of their owners’ hands and send them to the ceiling, all without lifting a finger. As I do, I look at everyone assembled and say, “We can leave this alive, or we can all leave this in ambulances. Now I’m looking for Goehner. Where is he?”
        All eyes turn to the back, where a man who looks more like a math teacher than a criminal sits with a girl on his lap. The girl runs away while I go to meet Goehner. “You have a Tyrene painting.” I said. “I want it.”
        “So did the guy who stole it from me.” said Goehner.
        “What?” I said; I punch a hole with my telekinetic power in the wall above Goehner’s head. It makes a whining sound as it does.
        “Yeah, a guy stole it from me.” said Goehner. “I woke up this morning and it was gone. There was a note left behind.”
        I let off an energy blast to my right. It doesn’t hurt anyone, but it does create a lovely view of the ocean. The message: don’t mess with me.
        “Don’t lie to me.” I said, angry; my own anger is fueling me, along with the nervous tension in this bazaar of illegal goods.
        “I’m not.” said Goehner. “I even have the note. Take a look.”
        He hands me a note. On it, in very fancy handwriting, are the words “Soon I shall be Flamel.”
        I raise my eyebrow. Flamel? The alchemist? What is this, Harry Potter?

      2. Bonfire has telekinesis, fire control and healing. Freedom fighter has mad fighting skills, flight and super strength. They need to be involved in the mission, otherwise it sounds like you did everything alone.

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