Star Wars Meets Mortal Kombat!

diamond-light-saberHere we have a video game concept that was proposed by Studio Gigante for the Xbox gaming system. Merging Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter style fights with Star Wars characters and lightsaber moves, the idea never made it to the production line. In fact, until the other day, no one outside of those who worked on it knew this proposed Star Wars combat game even existed.

But thanks to a recent tweet by Josh Tsui, currently of Robomodo and co-founder of the studio that made it, the demonstration video is now making the rounds. As the demo shows, it was a game that was meant to incorporate lightsaber duels, Force moves and some limited hand to hand fighting. You played as your favorite character within various Star Wars settings and, presumably, made you way up to the boss (smart money said it was either the Emperor or Yoda, depending on whether your character was good or evil).

Why he chose to do it on Valentines Day is anybody’s guess, but I’m thinking that might just be coincidental. Nothing says love like a simulated lightsaber in your gut!

23 thoughts on “Star Wars Meets Mortal Kombat!

      1. No, curtain number two is a date with the three-breasted lady from Total Rekall, and curtain number three has something that could improve with that Allies vs. Nazi Germany Cold War idea you had.

      2. Number three then! The lady from Total Recall has to be pretty old by now. I imagine those three boobs are not far from the floor. Oh dear, we’re at the point in the show where I start offending people!

      3. if you look at the history of Nazi Germany, there were plenty of points where, if Hitler had only bided his time, he could have built a stronger arsenal. Instead he went for all out war, invading Poland and then France. If after Czechoslovakia he had merely taken a break and made use of what he had, maybe sent some spies into desirable countries to form Nazi counterparts, he could’ve made himself very powerful. Instead he went blindly into war, and it cost him dearly when he turned his eyes to Russia.
        Just something to think about.

      4. You know, I AM a historian. But yes, you’re quite right. Also, before 1941 Hitler was still waging Germany’s war instead of purely his own. After he invaded the USSR, he effectively committed to his own ideological war and everything went downhill from there. But if fortunes had been just a little different, he might have won in the east. But by then, the war was unwinnable in the long run, thanks to Britain being a protagonist still and the US firmly involved.

      5. And what if Italy actually had its s**t together? What if the top general in the Greece campaign hadn’t been composing film scores intstead of directing and training Mussolini’s troops? What would’ve happened then?

      6. Well, Mussolini would have carved out a Mediterranean Empire as he wanted, and would have had a base of power with which to compliment and maybe even rival Hitlers, though he would never have been as powerful as his counterpart. And possibly, if they had no one else to worry about, they would have turned on each other…

      7. Excuse me, but when did you become my agent! I demand to speak to my agent, unless that’s you. Then I’m going to my trailer and not coming out until I get a different agent! SLAM!

      8. I can’t, it’s locked up in some filing cabinet in a hospital in [insert birth city here]. from what i hear, everything’s going to digital! and what would i do with your house key? you live full-time with Obi-Wan and Captain Picard!

      9. By the way, sorry if I sounded like I was high and mighty there. I’m learning so much on the European theater (my primary focus in History) that I just want to share it with the world. Plus, all the points I brought up could figure into a plot someday, so I thought I’d bring them up just for the sake of a friend.

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