China’s Hacks Cracked After Cyber Attack

The cyber attacks have been traced! Oh please don’t let this lead to a “flame war” between nations!

China News

Chinese KeyboardIt’s uncertain whether Beijing will respond appropriately to US rhetoric. Reportedly, a PLA (military) building on the outskirts of Shanghai is the source of cyber attacks from China. The US is the primary victim, though it’s not alone. Mandiant is the firm responsible for researching the attacks and finding their source location within China. Kevin Mandia is the chief executive of the firm.

Though it’s unverified whether the building  in question is truly the source, it remains a PoI (place of interest). Mandia used classic American sarcasm to explain this, telling The New York Times: “Either they are coming from inside Unit 61398 or the people who run the most controlled, most monitored Internet networks in the world are clueless about thousands of people generating attacks from this one neighbourhood.”

Mandia’s rhetoric is a typical water tight way of refuting the anticipated denial of Beijing. Of course, every American knows…

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