Real Life Darth Maul Goes on a Theiving Spree!

darthmaulOh how the Sith have fallen, to degenerate to petty theft like this! But if this recent news report is any indication, Darth Maul has gone full-Dark Side with this one! It all took place during the morning hours of the morning in San Diego this past Monday, when an assailant wearing a Maul mask robbed a 7-11 with a semi-automatic handgun.

As if that wasn’t enough, the same assailant proceeded to rob two more stores in the vicinity, all within the space of two hours. The entire thing was caught by store cam and the police indicated that he was still at large, and suspected of robbing another store on the previous Saturday.

Personally, I got to wonder what could be so bad in a man’s life that he feels the need to drag the name of a proud Lucas villain through the mud! Sure, the movie he starred in basically sucked, so says the majority of Star Wars fandom, but none could deny that Maul himself was a total badass! What’s more, he would never rob a convenience store with a gun. Slash it up with a lightsaber and kill everyone inside? Perhaps. But I think we can all agree, petty theft is beneath a Sith warrior!


6 thoughts on “Real Life Darth Maul Goes on a Theiving Spree!

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