Flash Fiction Anyone?

FlashThis year has led to some very interesting things for this blog of mine, and that’s just been in the past sixth months. In addition to hitting some milestones, like passing 250,000 hits, 1000 posts, and 2000 followers, it was also the second anniversary of this blog’s creation. And on top of all that, it was the year that Whiskey Delta was published and sold its first 1000 copies (1167 and counting!)

A2Z-2013-BADGEBut there’s one item that kind of got lost in the mix. Back in April, I took part in the April 2013 A to Z Challenge, where bloggers are expected to produce 26 pieces of flash fiction with the short space of 30 days. Though I came to the challenge a little late and started at G, I was pretty thankful for the opportunity to create short pieces that really explored the kind of subjects and writing I want to tackle.

And the end result was a slew of shorts I wanted to put together in a single volume. At the time, I was still struggling with a title, and considered Fast Forward or Tomorrow(cubed) to be the front place runners. Neither one really worked though, since one has been used by many different people and the other was impossible to put on a front cover. However, I have since found a title that works and is – at present – unclaimed. Flash Forward!

As you can see below, I have worked up the cover based on Alex Popescu’s awesome artwork. Everything else fell into place behind, and I am still in the process of adding stories to it. No telling when that will finished though, since I currently have a number of other projects on my plate which demand completion – Pappa Zulu edits, writing and editing the Yuva anthology, and a crap load of other smaller tasks. However, I hope to get it done before the year is out.

FlashForwardAlso, after finishing the A to Z challenge, I thought that I might try to keep the train going by doing flash fiction as a regular thing. Originally, I planned to do a Flash Friday, like many indie authors I follow. However, I have since lost the groove and kind of pooped out on the first installment, which was to be named Arcology since I thought I should go back and cover all the letters I missed during the A to Z challenge (in my case, A to F).

But there’s time and I would still like to do it. So I put it to my friends, colleagues and followers who take the time to read this thing known as Stories By Williams, do you think it could stand to have a Flash Friday segment? Perhaps not something that’s not even so rigidly scheduled; say just a Flash Fiction segment every once in awhile?

I think it would be good as a way of exploring some small ideas that crop up and wouldn’t get exposure otherwise. That’s was what I liked about the A to Z challenge and it might be good to make it a regular feature. And who knows? I even could guest feature some other writer’s bits from time to time as well.

10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Anyone?

      1. Hey, you were the one who didn’t reply in time! Anyway, new topic: I’ll be look at that Createspace thing. In any case, it looks free to work with. But is the POD thing for paperbacks going to come back to haunt my bank account?

      2. Hey, I couldn’t edit the whole book in time. I’m busy man, writing all my stuff all the time… I still blame you and him! And thanks for doing that again, by the way 😉

        As for Createspace: Nope, in all cases, they just take a percentage to pay for their overhead. Anything you publish in paperback is therefore likely to cost more, but it’s way more affordable for consumers than a POD operation and costs you nothing. Ebooks are the big winner though, you can charge just a few bucks and still make a dollar a copy.

      3. Looks like I’ll be doing an announcement that I’ll do both paperback and ebook for The Quiet Game. And RC and Snake too, when the time comes.

        Thanks Matt. I was a little weary of Createspace because I heard it costs money to do, but apparently they offer free services, and I learned about it through you.

      4. Alright, go me! One thing, they do charge if you want to upgrade your services. This would get your books into actual book stores. But since the basic package already offers kindle and amazon so I don’t see the point in that right now. Maybe some day, but not til I’ve sold a lot more!

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