China’s Shanghai Tower: A massive urban green space

My latest article at China Daily Mail. Shanghai is building the world’s first arcology, complete with a warming/cooling membrane, office spaces, apartments, and city parks.

China News

The newly-topped 632 metre (over 2000 feet) Shanghai Tower is currently the world’s second tallest structure, outdone only by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

But equally impressive is what it will have going on inside.

In addition to 521,000 square meters of floor space, 106 elevators, a weight of 1,200 metric tons, and the ability to hold 30,000 people, a full one-third of the building is dedicated to green spaces.

In this respect, the Shanghai Tower is more of a self-contained city than a tower, and a city of parks at that.

Back in August, the building’s designers, Gensler Asia, held a topping-out ceremony where the lead designer (Dan Whiney) spoke about the buildings purpose and inspiration:

“Our client essentially is the government. The government is looking for a symbol of the emergence of China, the development of Shanghai as a major financial centre. If you look at…

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