The Hillywood Show’s “Warm Bodies” Parody

hillywood_warmbodiesHilly and Hanna Hindi are back at it, this time with a video parodying the zombie flick Warm Bodies. And true to form, it comes in the form of a music video, to the song “Monster” by Lady Gaga. And as usual, the production values on this parody are very high and its beautifully shot. I always love how they manage to capture the essence of a movie through song and make fun of it at the same time.

Top to bottom, this video is ridiculously appropriate, especially for a guy like me who’s looking to capitalize on the zombie craze! Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “The Hillywood Show’s “Warm Bodies” Parody

  1. That was pretty good! I may have to watch Warm Bodies some time. And that song…I can see why they chose it.
    By the way, were these the same guys who did that Hobbit/Kesha parody and the Twilight/Gangnam Style parody?

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