Complications of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

The latest effort to fight Climate Change from the US government, and how it may fall short…

Planet Earth Weekly

Will the EPA do enough to make a difference? Five states have the top polluting coal plants int the U.S.

Are complicated politics going to fix our planet’s changing climate or is it time for each individual American to take responsibility for the growing problem?

By Linn Smith

June 18, 2014—-An article in the USA TODAY, June 9, 2014, titled, Retiring Coal Plants Won’t Do Much to Clean Air, caught my attention while sitting in the local cafe in a small town in the mid-west. Why? Because the proposed plants to be closed account for only 4% of all the CO2 emissions in the U.S. and “are mostly small, old generating units in the Midwest and South.” According to USA TODAY, the top polluting coal plants are located predominantly in five states. Texas has the most with 19, followed by Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Alabama and Georgia and the top 10% of these coal plants account for 69% of the…

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