500,000 Hits!

fireworks1This morning, I became aware that this blog, storiesbywilliams, has just reached another milestone. Yes, after three and a half years, this humble site has reached half a million hits. And as usual, I’d like to include a few other pertinent numbers to help put this all in perspective. For example, since this blog went public, it has reached the following:

  • 500,180 hits (as of writing this)
  • 1834 Posts

Once again, I can only say thank you to all those folks who have helped make this possible. You know who you are 😉 And just for once, I thought I might let be things brief and poignant. So thanks and congrats all around, and onto the next thing!

11 thoughts on “500,000 Hits!

      1. No, that will work for sure! If I am reading the general response right, people can’t get enough of horror, sex, and violence. Oh, and I forgot about the Joker. Apparently, my tribute to him is my #1 hitter of all time.

      2. Sure, but what about a tribute, or trying to access what makes him so scary. Ooh, or maybe a comparison of insane clowns in horror/fiction, like Stephen King’s IT, the Joker, and the others I’m not aware of but I’m sure you are.

      3. it’ll have to wait till after the 4th season of American Horror Story, when I see how their scary clown measures up. But thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely think about it.

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