Archer Season 6 Trailer

archer-fxIf, like me, you’re a fan of the show Archer, you’ve been wondering when the hell Season 6 is going to premiere. Luckily, FX released the first season 6 trailer a few weeks ago, and indicated that new episodes will be on the air starting in January. That’s good news, for those of us who’ve been waiting since April to find out what’s coming next and when.

Who do you think you are, you Archer producers, Game of Thrones?

To be fair, a couple of hints have been leaked over the past few months as to what will be happening in the new season. For starters, it’s been made clear that after events in the last season, the spy agency will be back at work. Only this time around, they’ve dropped the name ISIS thanks to a certain group of terrorists scumbags who’ve been roving around Iraq and Syria of late.

Second, Lana is busy raising her and Archer’s daughter, Pam is off the wagon as far as binge-eating goes (at least she kicked her massive cocaine habit), and everybody else is pretty much the same. Cheryl is a pyromaniac, Cyril is a boring accountant, Ray is a champion skier, Krieger is still trying to master YYZ, and Malory is still a horrible shrew.

Just a few more months, people!

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