Okay, so I finally finished work on a few possible covers for The Cronian Incident. I recently got my CreateSpace account reactivated and used the lovely cover creator feature to get some visuals going. The problem is, I’ve been having trouble deciding which one I want t use. On the one hand, I can’t choose to between two themes  – one that put text boxes over a full cover image, and another that uses a solid background on the front page, a shadow on the back, and puts the main image and title in boxes.

Then, I found that I couldn’t decide which image I wanted to use after all. Initially, I was all set on the green image of Titan that you can see in the first two options. But there’s also the Cassini image of Titan that shows its hazy atmosphere being illuminated from behind, giving it an eerie, yellow glow. I thought this one worked pretty well too in the mockups. So in the end, I made four covers, using both themes and both images, and figured I’d entertain some outside opinions.

Which one do you think works best? Be sure to vote below…

Green Titan – Whole Cover:

Green Titan – Box Cover:

Yellow Titan – Whole Cover:

Yellow Titan – Box Cover:


Vote here and thanks for the input:

5 thoughts on “Cover Selection for The Cronian Incident!

  1. Hey Matt!
    I like the green Titan Box cover but I’d do something with that empty space below your title/author box. It looks a little unbalanced vertically. Maybe even move the title/author box down a bit but you’ll lose the overlap with the Titan image. Unless you resize or reshape it. Actually, the Titan image looks vertically elongated as it is.
    Maybe lose the green border, expand the Titan image to be the full front cover (and fix its aspect ratio) and have the night side fade to black towards the lower RHS and stick your title/author box down in the lower right to fill the space. You could even rotate the text so it’s parallel to Titan’s terminator.
    What do you think?

  2. Like the yellow box cover the best very reminiscent of early scenes of 2001 Space Odyssey and just it’s a great Eclipse shot.

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