Is it possible that humanity hasn’t heard from advanced extraterrestrials because they have us trapped in some grand simulation? Or perhaps they have enclosed our region of space and are simulating an empty Universe. This is known as the Planetarium Hypothesis, originally proposed by scientist and science fiction author Stephen Baxter in 2001. While this possibility is likely unprovable, it has an internal logic that is hard to ignore. If you were a super-advanced extraterrestrial intelligence, isn’t this what you’d do?

One thought on “Episode 4: The Planetarium Hypothesis

  1. I’ve adopted something like this as part of the lore for my Sci-Fi universe. Earth was the scene of a crime (Roswell incident) and the galactic authorities have cut us off from the rest of the universe while they investigate what happened. It’s a silly answer to the Fermi Paradox, I know, but it works for the kind of Sci-Fi universe I want to play in.

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