The topic for the second episode of my new podcast is (drumroll!) the Fermi Paradox! In 1950, famed physicist and Manhattan Project scientist Enrico Fermi asked the question that launched a thousand possible resolutions – “Where is Everybody?” Given that the Universe is immensely vast, incredibly old, and filled with the ingredients for life, it stands to reason that intelligent life and advanced civilizations have evolved many times in our galaxy alone. So why haven’t we heard from any of them?

This is the essence of the Fermi Paradox, which is still going strong 70+ plus years later. And the range of proposed resolutions is wide and varied. Are they ignoring us? Are they all dead? Are they so advanced that we can’t recognize them? Are we not looking in the right places and/or for the right things? Addressing this question forces us to think big, dig deep, and confront how little we know about life, intelligence, and our place in the Universe. And this episode is just the tip of the iceberg!

Check out the episode below!

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