The topic of this latest episode is, What is the Future of Space Law? My guests were Christopher M. Hearsey and Nathan Johnson, the founders of the Space Court Foundation. Hearsey and Johnson discuss the history of space law, what it will take to ensure that space remains “for all humanity,” and how to avoid a “Wild West 2.0” in space. They also discuss a bold new project they’ll be unveiled at this year’s International Aeronautical Congress (IAC 2022) in Paris (Sept. 18th to 22nd).

Where to listen:

4 thoughts on “Episode Seven of Stories from Space is now Live!

  1. I’m really excited to listen to this one! They’re going to have to make some changes to current space law, I think, now that all these private companies are getting involved.

    1. Oh yes! There is a startling lack of laws right now for addressing possible disputes and claims in space. While it’s spelled out in the Outer Space Treaty that no nation can declare sovereignty in space, there are some gargantuan loopholes regarding private claims!

      Thanks for keeping up with the series like this đŸ™‚ Are there any topics you’d like to see addressed?

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