For this most recent episode, my guest was none other than Joan Marie (Joan Melendez Misner), also known by her handle @yourfemaleengineer. Marie is a NASA engineer who worked on jet fighters for the US Navy, the Double-Asteroid Redirect Test (DART), and is currently developing the Europa Clipper and Dragonfly missions. During our chat, we talked about what it’s like to land your dream job, how to persevere in the face of adversity, and what it’s like being a female scientist in a field still dominated by men.

Marie is also a science communicator and social media personality who advocates for space exploration, the STEMs, and young women who want to pursue careers in both. Her brand of mixing personal experience and life lessons with music and humor has earned her an international following. As if that wasn’t enough, Marie was selected for Uplift Aerospace‘s first commercial astronaut training program (Space+) and will be going to space in the near future (fingers crossed)!

You can access the episode by following the links below, and don’t forget to check out her social media channels for more information:

Where to Listen:

Joan Marie (yourfemaleengineer):

One thought on “Episode Twelve of Stories from Space is now Live!

  1. What an amazing interview! I’ve been struggling with a bit of imposter syndrome myself lately, so it was pretty neat to hear someone so accomplished and prestigious talk about having those same feelings.

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