This week’s episode is part II of my interview with science communicator, author, and educator James Maynard, creator and host of The Cosmic Companion. For Part II, we talked more about the Artemis Program, the role of the commercial space industry, and the future of human spaceflight and space exploration (and what it will make possible). During our chat, he capped things with a brilliant quote, which I had to introduce the episode with:

“The squabbles of nations on other worlds will soon become as distant to people living in space as the squabbles of ancient city-states are to us today. It could be the end of nationalism as we know it.”

Heady stuff! And inspiring words for the future. Follow the links below to hear the episode:

Where to Listen:

2 thoughts on “Episode Thirty of Stories from Space is Now Live! – Part II of my interview with James Maynard

  1. I really appreciated what your guest said about wanting everybody to succeed in space, despite whatever’s going on here on the ground. I’m furious with Putin, and I’m no fan of Elon Musk. I’ve had conflicted feelings about Ruscosmos and SpaceX as a result.

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