Nominated for a Beautiful Blogger Award!

Wouldn’t you know it? There’s yet another blogger award making the rounds, and I’ve picked up a nomination. And it comes from a new follower to this page, one who is equally if not more prolific than I am. So my thanks to Maarit-Johanna of Literature and Culture for the nod. May you musings on literature, the arts, travel and culture continue to inspire!

So… as always there are rules to this award. Four to be specific:

1. First up, thank the person who nominated you:
That’d be you, Mrs. Maarit-Johanna. Thanks a bunch!

2. Post the award image to your page:
Did that!

3. Tell seven facts about yourself:
-I love the smell of fresh air! City living is fine, but there better be plenty of green spaces to provide that scent of dense foliage and clean air

-I love cats and dogs. I grew up with the plenty of the former, but my wife’s love of the latter rubbed off on me. Now we need to get a big enough place to accommodate a few of each.

-I love to cook, bust suspect I might have only a few moves: Pasta, stir fry, stew and barbeque. But enough variations on these basic areas make it seem like I got lots of moves!

-I have a notorious passion for beer! I hope to one day be able to brew my own, and not from some sissy homebrew operation. I’m talking my own barley roasting, my own mash tun, and my own hops grown right out the back.

-Four books have inspired me more than any others: 1984; Guns, Germs and Steel; The God That Failed; and Dune. I’ve read plenty of good books, and quite a few great ones. But these ones stand alone as the one’s that blew my mind!

-My favorite colors appear to be green and black. Of all my clothes, the vast majority are one or the other.

-I’ve studied Taekwon-Do for a good twenty-four years and can’t really imagine life without it. I’ve gone for short periods without any training, and honestly felt like I something major was missing.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers:

Rendezvous Heath


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Michelle Proulx

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Thanks again, and congrats to all those nominated by meeeee! 😉

The Lucky Seven Nod!

Well, it seems that there is a new award-meme making the rounds these days. Yes, after months and months of VBA’s, BBA’s, KBA’s, and whatever else they could come up with, the creative community of the blogosphere has invented one more award. And it seems I’ve been nominated! It’s called the Lucky Seven, and its actually a creative way of promoting aspiring authors and writers. Here are the rules as I understand them:

  • Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript (fiction or non-fiction)
  • Go to line 7
  • Post the next 7 lines or sentences on your blog as they are (no cheating, please!)
  • Tag 7 other authors to do the same

Of course, step one for me is to thank the person who nominated me, so an unreserved thank you to Richard of Richard’s Ramblings for the nod. Next step, the 7 lines from line 7 of page 77 of my manuscript, known as “Data Miners”:

Anyway, email me back, is your job really in trouble? I’ll help if
>I can, but I don’t know what is expected here.

Well, that was about as effective as a pin through the eye! His wounded ego, smarting from the effects of professional termination, has just taken another a blow in the romantic department. Now he’s got cupid’s and his former company’s shoes up his ass! His mind is too much of a mess to sort out how this email has categorically made him feel worse but if he could

Doesn’t make a lot of sense taken out of context like that does it? Oh well, who am I to question the rules of this award system? And now, my nominees, all of whom are awesome writers who are currently hard at work producing those manuscripts!

  1. Khaalidah Muhammed-Ali
  2. Goran Zidar
  3. Urbannight
  4. Audrey Johnson
  5. Erin Brady Pike
  6. Zencherry
  7. Lance Schubert

Keep up the good work, all y’all! Keep hammering those keys and if possible, get out there and get that manuscript published!