Superhero Challenge Part III: Catchphrase and Outfit

Just one last hurdle remains before I can declare the New New Justice League complete and ready to fight crime… or cause it, whichever the case may be. And that is the selection of an outfit and a catchphrase. To be fair, some of you have already done this, specifying that you want to fight in high-heels or erotic dress (wink, wink). However, the majority of us who have created characters still need to stress how we are going to appear in public and what they plan to say when busting up their enemies.

Keep in mind, the costume is absolutely key. It is the visual personification of your superhero ethos, your motivation and modus operandi encapsulated in a few feet of tight leather, spandex, or super-resistant high-tech fabric. So choose carefully, and keep in mind the following options:

  1. Mask – this is especially important since it hides your true identity. For some, its enough to simply remove their glasses and add a cowlick to their hair (who you fooling Superman?). For others, a full mask that not only covers but protects is key (Batman), and others still get by with a simple eye-covering addition. And let’s not forget the bad guys who turn masks into deadly and scary appendages (hello Bane!). Just make sure your opponents can actually hear you and understand what you’re saying.
  2. Cape – a classic when it comes to fighting crime or being a flamboyant villain. Sometimes, its even used as a a tool of weapon (you again, Batman). But even if its strictly decorative, its an important part of the ensemble, and can hold your logo or just carry your colors.
  3. Skin-tight suit – men and women enjoy this option! Composed of leather, indestructible fibers, or molded plastic, having a suit that fits your form and enhances all the right things (i.e. pecs, shoulders and boobs), the suit can be intimidating and distracting to the enemy. Just remember, sacrificing form to function only goes so far! Looking good is important, but not as important as being able to comfortably, run, jump, and kick ass!
  4. Armor – There’s no rule that says you can’t look good and afford ample protection. But for those who don’t want to be seen wandering in around in skin-tight skivvies, a suit of body armor is a safe and effective option. Not only that, but it can be shaped to enhance your natural physique and make criminals and your personal enemies think you’re a lot bulkier (or bucksome) than you actually are.
  5. Mits/Boots – you may not think so, but what you wear on your hands and feet can be just as important as what you have covering your face. For example, rough and tumble superheroes tend to wear armored gloves so they can bash in their enemies faces, while your crime-fighting lady superheroes of the past tended to wear arm-length gloves to give them that demure look. Much the same is true of feet apparel, with the men sporting heavy boots and the ladies using high-heeled shoes or something else completely impractical. In modern times, things have gotten a bit more sensible, with female superheros wearing more combat-friendly, sensible shoes and hand gear. Though some ladies (such as Catwoman) still seem to prefer high-heeled boots to flats because, let’s face it, they look kick-ass!
  6. Distinguishing Marks/Disfigurement – in some cases, the superhero/villain are themselves their costume! This is the case with the Hulk, the Toxic Avenger, and guys like the Joker. Beyond the occasional article of clothing (like Joker’s purple suit) there really is no costume. The makeup and the scars are what identify him. And in the case of the Hulk, transformation into a giant green beast is what identifies him. Oh, and speaking of beasts, there’s Beast! Like Mystique and Nightcrawler, the outfit is a permanent part of their person.

Catchphrase time! I can’t specify any rules or parameters here, since there really are none. The only thing that matters is that it be appropriate to your characters motivation and/or persona. Keep it short, sweet, and direct. Intimidation factor is a must, but then again, so is comedic value. And remember, you get bonus points for play-on-words and puns, provided they are clever! Go to town!

18 thoughts on “Superhero Challenge Part III: Catchphrase and Outfit

  1. I’m like the Hulk: I change when I use my powers. In my case, my hair grows super-long and becomes pure white, my skin becomes black with gold designs, my eyes become yellow-orange, and my teeth become super-sharp.
    And my catchphrase: “Feel my wrath!”
    And that, ladies and gentleheroes, is Judgement. Coming to kick ass at a theatre near you.

  2. I have an indestructible fiber close fitting suit. But I’m a goddess, so I also have a short toga skirt.
    To hide my identity, I ware mask across my eyes and nose.
    My hair is naturally short and brown, but when I’m Panacea my hair is long and burgundy.
    I don’t need armor. I move too fast for smart bombs, bullets, arrows, or fists. I can use whatever is handy to tie the bad guy into knots.
    No gloves, my hands need to be free so I can heal the wounded.

  3. Styka wears jeans, boots, tanks and tee’s and a leather jacket. Blending in is the goal. A little bit goth, a little bit punk, it’s nothing new on the streets anymore.

    Not being seen when she doesn’t wish it is easy when needed. Since she usually works by going after people just when they are about to do something bad, she doesn’t want to stand out. In the past, she wasn’t always as careful and sometimes she has had to deal with a body or two. So she doesn’t want to be remembered when the bodies are found. But she doesn’t feel too guilty because these were bad people. Mostly, she tries to get to the people who she can point in a new direction before they become really bad.

    But she doesn’t forget that if she finds the people she really wants alone in a dark alley one day, she wants to kill them. She walk a thin line between fighting evil and becoming the same as the people she hunts.

    “If you think it, you own it.” Not every one does the things they think and day dream about. But deep down, they want to. People have to realize that those dark thoughts are part of them and if they keep thinking of some things, they need to deal with the root issues before they actually act on those thoughts. The line between a thought turning into an action is one bad day and people need to own up to their own internal monologues and fantasies.

      1. Somehow, I missed this. Hmm, I can see that either way. But it is probably more of a mantra than a catch phrase. But that would be more in keeping with the character anyway.

  4. Outfit: The Veiled Tsunami wears black and brown. She wears black jeans,black T, and a black hijab. She wears also a chocolate brown leather duster and black combat boots. She wears black shades as well.
    Motto: “You won’t see me coming but I will blow you down.”

  5. Outfit: when I’m not in disguise and just out to kick ass, it will be black slacks and black button down long sleeve shirt. Think johnny Cash. and combat boots instead of cowboy boots. I’ll need a utility belt.
    Catchphrase? “No more secrets” (props if you know the reference)

  6. Well, since I have the power of invisibility, a costume almost doesn’t seem right. BUT! There will be times I am visible and heaven knows I don’t want anyone recognizing me.

    A mask to cover the eyes, half black and half purple. A skintight suit, spandex type, like Cat Woman’s (Julie Newmar’s Cat Woman) except it would zip up the front and, of course, I wouldn’t zip it up all the way up. The zipper would stop right between my boobs: enough to show skin, but not enough to have a wardrobe malfunction (know what I mean?) 😉

    No gloves. Thigh-high black leather boots. The rest of the outfit would be half black and half purple.

    Catchphrase? Hm. I’m having trouble with that.

    1. Like the costume idea, as for the catchphrase, your character would definitely want something that can play on the word erotic or contain a double-entendre or two. Perhaps… “You’ve been very naughty! Time for your spanking!”

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