Climate Change, In Song!

daniel_crawford_4858Climate Change is a daunting phenomena, a severe problem that is threatening our planet but which remains inaccessible and invisible for many people. Part of the problem is condensing all the facts, figures and studies into a coherent, easy-to-understand form that people can see and understand. Not the easiest thing to do, and even the famous hockey-stick shaped graphs appear to be falling short.

Luckily, artists like cellist Daniel Crawford are stepping in to fill the role of scientific interpreter. Committing the most alarming portion of that hockey stick to music, he shows just how alarming this trend is. He calls it “A Song of Our Warming Planet”, where notes are matched to temperatures, one for each year since 1880.

keeling_curveAs the average global temperature increases by 0.8 Celsius (1.4 Fahrenheit) and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels increase by more than 40%, the song climbs from the low, open C to the high end of its register, sounding, in one commenter’s estimation, “like a woman screaming.” And the video ends with the chilling text:

Scientists predict the planet will warm by another 1.8 degrees Celsius (3.2 degrees Fahrenheit) by the end of this century. This additional warming would produce a series of notes beyond the range of human hearing.

Scary stuff. Check out the video below, and then be sure to look around this site for some of the more positive news on the issue. I don’t like sending people away gloomy!