Cover Art for Worlds Undone… done!

Big news from Grim5next, the writer’s group that I joined a few months back. After months of discussions, suggestions, and back and forth from all members concerned, we’ve come up with a title for our first anthology. And after much collaboration with artists and design platforms, I’ve finally finished work on our covers! Here’s what our first anthology, a collection of dystopian literature and art, will look like:

Here is what the paperback cover will look like, with artwork provided by Ashley Evans. Check out her artwork on deviantArt: cazzyae at deviantart

And here’s what the ebook cover will look like. Like all ebook icon, it’s been scaled down to a single page format. Less bells and whistles, but it gets the job done!

Stay tuned for the release of the book, which should be in a few months time. We need time to gather all the talent and condense all of it into the proper, singular format. And, case your interested, some material will be provided by yours truly, a short story titled “Hunluan”. Incidentally, it is related to “Crashlands”, the serial novel taking shape over at Story Time.

Oh, incidentally, this is my 200th post on this site. Another milestone! Weeeeeee!

Crashland – Chapter 5, now appearing at Story Time!

Wow. Either Story Time is picking up more traffic, or serial novels are making a big comeback! In any case, Crashland – chapter 4 has come to a quick and tidy conclusion, with readers logging in and voting on what they want to see happen next. As a result, I’m hard at work again, creating the next chapter in accordance with audience’s wishes.

In short, chapter 4 ended with the protagonist – William Holden – leaving a dying man behind in order to save himself. He made it about as far as the end of the street, only to discover that his wounds were more severe than he thought, and that his destination (the lights in the distance) were impossibly far away. He was on the verge of losing all hope, until he noticed some small campfires burning nearby.

Once again, a choice had to be made. Holden needed help if he was going to survive, but feared that whoever was waiting for him below might be just as dangerous as the people who tried to kill him. Given the risk, and the fact that he was slowly dying, he really didn’t have a lot of options open to him. Well, audiences were quite clear on what they wanted to see happen… Come on by and see what comes of it!

Update: And it’s up! Come by and vote on your outcome of choice. Things are once again heating up and decisions need to be made and it looks like the protagonists life may be poised on the razor’s edge!

Crashland – Chapter 4, now appearing at Story Time!

The votes are finally all in! After much ado, Crashland, chapter 4 is now appearing over at Story! Thus far, the infopocalypse has occurred, the great city of BosWash has fallen into darkness and despair, and the protagonist – William Holden – found himself alone in the streets. At least, until a group of thugs approached him and tried to take him for all he had left.

After trying to shoot his way out, Holden was overwhelmed and blacked out. He awoke sometime later to find that he had been seriously injured. The thugs had fled, except for one whom Holden had mortally wounded. Seeing as how there was no one left around and no EMT’s on hand, Holden was now responsible for the man’s life. A terrible choice was before him: try and help the man, leave him behind, end his suffering (i.e. kill him?), or stay with him until he died.

Well, the voters have decided! Come on by to Story Time to see what happens next! Whichever way it goes, it’s sure to be interesting… And remember, you decide what happens next 😉

Crashland – chapter 4, coming soon!

First off, let me thank all those readers who have been coming by Story to read my cyberpunk story Crashland and vote on it. For those who don’t know, all stories at Story Time are works of serial fiction, meaning audiences get to vote on what they want to see happen. So far, I’ve received plent of votes from dedicated readers who let me know exactly which outcomes they wanted for the first three chapters. But, as they say, there’s been a snag.

In chapter three, the main character of Holden awoke from a terrible vision to find that he had been stabbed and that one of his assailants had also been mortally wounded. Determining that he could still crawl to his destination, he was nevertheless deterred when he realized that the man he’d shot in self-defense would die without help. A terrible choice had to be made by Holden, and by the readers. Faced with a dying man, his own wounds, and the ongoing need to get to somewhere safe, would he:

  1. Help the man?
  2. Leave him behind?
  3. End his suffering (i.e. kill him)? 
  4. Stay with him until the end?

Well, thus far the votes have been pretty mixed. All outcomes got their share of votes, but unfortunately two (I won’t say which) are neck in neck. So please, come on by and make some more votes so we can break this deadlock and move the story forward. Doesn’t matter if you’ve voted already, as long as we get some tie-breakers! The story must go on. Thank you all!

Crashland – Chapter 3, now appearing at Story Time!

Well the votes are in again! Last time, in Crashland, William Holden had been attacked and went down shooting. Unfortunately, the confrontation went awry and he was presumably left for dead in the street. But rather than roll over and die, he experienced a rather powerful (and gory) vision. I asked readers to tell me what they thought. Was Holden dreaming? Was he dead? Or was he experiencing something else entirely?

Well, the voters spoke and it seems that option C was the way to go. So in short, Holden was neither dead nor dreaming. Well, you might think this would present a challenge to the author, and in the hands of a lesser man, that’d be true 😉 But in fact, I enjoyed coming up with a third option that explained what happened and I hope readers will agree. Things get quite interesting in chapter three.

And naturally, there will be more choices to make once the end of the chapter rolls around.

Crashland – Chapter 2

Time’s running out to get your votes in. Crashland, my cyberpunk contribution to the serial novel site of Story has been up for a week and the votes have been trickling in. In Chapter 1, the great crash occured, and the story’s protagonist found himself wandering in the dark towards the only lights still on in the city. It ended with him being confronted by a group of men in the street, and they seemed intent on stopping him…

From that chapter, I asked voters what they wanted to see next. Would Holden try to reason with them, would he attack them, or would he run away? All of this is pursuant to his making his way to the middle of the town where there appears to be some kind of rescue effort in effect. What he does here could either end his chances of reuniting with his family or simply be a diversion along a long and difficult path.

Out of ten votes so far, seven said they wanted to see Holden try to reason with the men. One said to attack, two said to run away. But there’s still time to determine his fate. You have the power readers, after all, this is a serial novel. What you say, goes!

Crashland-chapter 1