Crashland – Chapter 5, now appearing at Story Time!

Wow. Either Story Time is picking up more traffic, or serial novels are making a big comeback! In any case, Crashland – chapter 4 has come to a quick and tidy conclusion, with readers logging in and voting on what they want to see happen next. As a result, I’m hard at work again, creating the next chapter in accordance with audience’s wishes.

In short, chapter 4 ended with the protagonist – William Holden – leaving a dying man behind in order to save himself. He made it about as far as the end of the street, only to discover that his wounds were more severe than he thought, and that his destination (the lights in the distance) were impossibly far away. He was on the verge of losing all hope, until he noticed some small campfires burning nearby.

Once again, a choice had to be made. Holden needed help if he was going to survive, but feared that whoever was waiting for him below might be just as dangerous as the people who tried to kill him. Given the risk, and the fact that he was slowly dying, he really didn’t have a lot of options open to him. Well, audiences were quite clear on what they wanted to see happen… Come on by and see what comes of it!

Update: And it’s up! Come by and vote on your outcome of choice. Things are once again heating up and decisions need to be made and it looks like the protagonists life may be poised on the razor’s edge!

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