A Musical Tribute to Game of Thrones

Game-of-Thrones-game-of-thrones-20131987-1280-800For fans of George RR Martin, there are few things more controversial about his work than his tendency to kill off beloved characters. From King Robert, to Ned Stark, to Khal Drogo, to the Red Wedding – and that’s just what’s been showcased by the miniseries thus far – it seems no one is safe, regardless of how much we may like them.

As such, it seems fitting that the ladies of Not Literally are back with another pop culture-parodying video honoring those characters who died in GOT season 1. Set to the tune of Goyte’s “Somebody that I Used to Know”, they address their grievances to George RR Martin through a musical row known as “A Character I Used to Know.”

And really, they’ve only covered season 1 here. Now that the Red Wedding has been shown, I’m sure these ladies are off fashioning the remix of the song, angrier, longer, and more angst-ridden! Either that or they are curled up in a ball somewhere, rocking back and forth and sucking their sums to the tune of “The Rains of Castamere”.


The Star Wars That I Used To Know

You know that song that’s been getting stuck in your head over and over for the last year or so, thanks to viral videos and constant radio exposure? Well, if you’re not thinking of “Somebody That I Used to Know” – the Gotye original that was recently covered and re-popularized by Walk of the Earth – then we are on two completely different wavelengths!

But I’m not here to talk about our psychic disparities. The point is that a group named Teddiefilms has breathed new life into this song and Lucas-bashing by producing a satire of this song. Entitled “The Star Wars That I Used To Know”, this song does an amazing job of capturing fan angst and the spirit of the song. Ably written, performed, and directed in a way that calls to the mind the original video, this parody has it all!

Check it out…