Honest Trailers: Captain American – The Winter Soldier

https://i0.wp.com/i.vimeocdn.com/video/486194716_640.jpgHere is one of the latest from Screen Junkies’ “Honest Trailers”. And the funny thing is, it really makes me want to see it! But of course, it wouldn’t be HT if they didn’t mock a little bit, and the plot holes they identified are pretty well true. Much like with Iron Man 3, this movie begs the question “Where the hell are the rest of the Avengers?” Come to think of it, why do you even need other superheroes when some are already nigh-invulnerable?

But you know you shouldn’t ask such questions, because then you’d be treading on well-trod Batman vs. Superman territory. Too soon! One thing I will contest from the video though is where they say “your least favorite Avenger”. Everybody knows that’s Hawkeye! Not only is his superpower archery, he spent half the movie as the villain’s pawn, and the other half… well, shooting arrows.

I kid, of course. What else can you do when it comes to blockbusters that make more money than you will ever see in your life? Enjoy the trailer:

Honest Trailer: Divergent

https://i0.wp.com/i.ytimg.com/vi/qPUZo3dQSEM/maxresdefault.jpgI’ve been waiting for the good folks over at Comedy Junkies to mock the release of this movie. No disrespect to the fans of the series, but is this not the exact same concept as The Hunger Games? And was that not the exact same concept as Battle Royale? And is this latest adaptation not just a completely transparent attempt to keep cashing in on the current wave of YA dystopian fandom?

Well… sure! But what were expecting? Original ideas and adaptations based on the strength of the stories alone? Where’s the money in that? Enjoy the trailer:

Honest Trailers: Game of Thrones

https://i0.wp.com/p1cdn01.thewrap.com/images/2014/04/Honest-Trailer-Game-of-Thrones-618x400.jpgI’ve been spending entirely too much time over at Youtube lately. Have you seen those comments sections? If there was ever a reason for misanthropy, that would be it! But one can always find plenty of nuggets of awesomeness while navigating through that sea of virulence, and Honest Trailers is often the source. Below is the video for Game of Thrones they released a few months back to coincide with the release of Season Four.

!Warning! As it says in the intro, this video contains spoiler material for anyone who hasn’t viewed the first three seasons of GOT. But at this point, I got to assume that’s nobody, right? Or at least nobody who would care about this video. Anyway,  enjoy the video, and pay close attention to the inside joke at the end  (R+L=J, I can’t believe I got that reference. I am SUCH a nerd!)

Honest Trailers – The Walking Dead

honest-trailers-the-walking-dead-2528176Here is another internet video series that I’ve come to know and love: Honest Trailers! As one of several hilarious series’ by ScreenJunkies and Break Media, it is all about doing mock trailers that are unabashedly honest about the movie or show in question. I’m sure most people are familiar with them by now and have seen at least one of their spoofs.

In this recent trailer, they tackle AMC’s The Walking Dead. As usual, they manage to weave what fans already know and complain about into the 5 minute segment, touching on everything from problems with the adaptation, inconsistencies in the plot, the way extras routinely die, how boring Season 2 was, how the Governor was the most evil/benevolent dictator since Toy Story 3’s Lotso (echoes of Zombie Story), and just how awful the character of Lori is.

They even tackle such repetitive things as Rick losing his hat, Dale making his stunned face, Shane rubbing his head, characters pulling that crying-frowny face, and that obscure scene where a zombie extra was drinking a bottle of water during a shot. Check it out: