Honest Trailer: Divergent

https://i0.wp.com/i.ytimg.com/vi/qPUZo3dQSEM/maxresdefault.jpgI’ve been waiting for the good folks over at Comedy Junkies to mock the release of this movie. No disrespect to the fans of the series, but is this not the exact same concept as The Hunger Games? And was that not the exact same concept as Battle Royale? And is this latest adaptation not just a completely transparent attempt to keep cashing in on the current wave of YA dystopian fandom?

Well… sure! But what were expecting? Original ideas and adaptations based on the strength of the stories alone? Where’s the money in that? Enjoy the trailer:

One thought on “Honest Trailer: Divergent

  1. It IS the exact same thing! That’s what I said when I heard what the story is about! And the funny thing is, both of them are nowhere near as good as Battle Royale, yet all the American teens seem to care about are these ones!

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