Interview with It’s Write Now!

Interview with It’s Write Now!

Follow the link below to see my interview with It’s Write Now, a book-sharing site that is committed to sharing Kindle ebooks to promote new authors. It was the single-longest interview I’ve ever done, but that was no problem. Lots of interesting questions that really made me ponder and dig deep!

Incidentally, they are also giving away free copies of The Cronian Incident for a limited time. If you’re looking for a hard SF read, get your free copy while you can!

Interview with SciFy Shenanigans!

Interview with SciFy Shenanigans!

Check out the link below to see my latest interview for The Cronian Incident. This one took place with the good folks at SciFy Shenanigans. This is the author website of JR Handley, a husband and wife writing team that specializes in military science fiction. Be sure to check out their interview antics, and have a look at their novels while you’re there. It’s a pretty bad-ass site!

SciFy Shenanigans: Matthew Williams

They even featured a song that I used as inspiration to write The Cronian Incident – Mars by Gustav Holts!


Second Interview for The Cronian Incident – with Rami Ungar!

Second Interview for The Cronian Incident – with Rami Ungar!

As the title would suggest, I recently did my second interview on the subject of The Cronian Incident, my first published book which was released a little over a week ago. Check the link below to have a look-see at my interview with fellow-writer and buddy o’ mind, Rami Ungar.

Rami is a connoisseur and writer of the horror/thriller genre. And I think you can agree by perusing his questions, he knows how to give a pretty decent interview. And while you’re there, be sure to check out what he’s up to. He’s got some a large assorted of horror stories that he’s written himself, and he has some thriller stuff in the works!

Conversations with Matthew Williams

My First Interview for The Cronian Incident!

My First Interview for The Cronian Incident!

My first interview concerning the upcoming release of my new book (The Cronian Incident) just went live over at Highland Rogue. This is the personal website of historical fiction author R.A. McCandless. Check it out by following the link:

Expect to hear about more interviews as we get closer to the launch date. And, just so you know, that is still scheduled for mid-September (Sept. 15th, 2017). If all goes as planned, the sequel should following not far behind!

While you’re at Highland Rogue, be sure to check out some of McCandless own works of fiction too!

Emma Stone’s Blade Runner Photo Shoot

I’m not sure, but I think Emma Stone just became my favorite actress! During a recent photo shoot with Interview Magazine, the star of such films as Superbad, Zombieland, Easy A, Crazy Stupid Love, and the relaunch of The Amazing Spider Man, Emma Stone paid an unexpected homage to the cult-hit Blade Runner.

Photographer Mikael Jansson, a man who is renowned for capturing weird and stunning images, was the apparent mastermind of the shoot. In the course of the shoot, he had Emma posing in a series of Matrix-style outfits, flanked by men who looked right at home in an 80’s cyberpunk movie or something written by William Gibson. Think lots or black leather, glasses, neon and slicked-back hair.

Naturally, the interview took a different turn. There she discussed her inspirations, experience doing comedies, romances and working with different A-list celebrities. That’s all fine and good, but I’d like to know her stance on digital sentience and synthetic humans, please! I mean, you can’t do a shoot like and not answer some specifically cyberpunk-themed questions man!

What I wanna know is, does she dream of becoming a Replicant? Or is she more the beat-cop, retire those Nexus 6’s type of girl? Does she think we’ll all be able to download our minds into boxes or digital constructs someday soon? Are things like Clinical Immortality, biochips, nanotechnology, quantum computers, and nanotechnology a morally justified way to improve and prolong life, or dangerous technological nihilism?

Don’t know, didn’t come up! Man, those magazine people can be so myopic! Oh well, check out the spread, and if you care about that kind of thing, read the interview too.

Emma Stone – Interview Magazine

Source: I09