Emma Stone’s Blade Runner Photo Shoot

I’m not sure, but I think Emma Stone just became my favorite actress! During a recent photo shoot with Interview Magazine, the star of such films as Superbad, Zombieland, Easy A, Crazy Stupid Love, and the relaunch of The Amazing Spider Man, Emma Stone paid an unexpected homage to the cult-hit Blade Runner.

Photographer Mikael Jansson, a man who is renowned for capturing weird and stunning images, was the apparent mastermind of the shoot. In the course of the shoot, he had Emma posing in a series of Matrix-style outfits, flanked by men who looked right at home in an 80’s cyberpunk movie or something written by William Gibson. Think lots or black leather, glasses, neon and slicked-back hair.

Naturally, the interview took a different turn. There she discussed her inspirations, experience doing comedies, romances and working with different A-list celebrities. That’s all fine and good, but I’d like to know her stance on digital sentience and synthetic humans, please! I mean, you can’t do a shoot like and not answer some specifically cyberpunk-themed questions man!

What I wanna know is, does she dream of becoming a Replicant? Or is she more the beat-cop, retire those Nexus 6’s type of girl? Does she think we’ll all be able to download our minds into boxes or digital constructs someday soon? Are things like Clinical Immortality, biochips, nanotechnology, quantum computers, and nanotechnology a morally justified way to improve and prolong life, or dangerous technological nihilism?

Don’t know, didn’t come up! Man, those magazine people can be so myopic! Oh well, check out the spread, and if you care about that kind of thing, read the interview too.

Emma Stone – Interview Magazine

Source: I09

12 thoughts on “Emma Stone’s Blade Runner Photo Shoot

    1. I think it is just a baby now (though they didn’t clarify in the interview). Actually; it is a pretty good interview but it probably helps that Cameron Crowe conducted it and Emma Stone is so effortlessly charming.

  1. Believe it or not, I watched Blade Runner for the first time two weekends ago. I saw the remastered version. Lovely.
    I liked it and thought it was a pretty savvy movie considering when it was made. That said, I think I want to read the book (Phillip K Dick, right?). I only had one complaint about the movie though, and this may have something to do with the time in which it was made or, since I haven’t read the book yet, it could be a flaw in the actual writing. There were few people of color (a couple of Asian people and a Hispanic) more specifically, no black people. I found that particularly odd considering the time setting and location (was it LA?).

    1. It was LA, and you’re right, that’s weird considering the tone they are trying to present. I guess they thought that if they threw in some Asians, it’d look futuristic. Damn 80’s! The book is also quite good, but be prepared for something totally different. Philip K Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” was a post-apocalyptic tale and full of weird and funny inventions, and the tone and feel of it was totally different. Still, totally worth reading.

      1. My brother Rick, who happens to be named after Deckard, wants to give his take on this: The (White Aryan) replicants represent slaves, created by humans to do their measly jobs. They were created for human use. Introducing African Americans in the film would complicate the message. This is a total twist on slavery and strong commentary. Plus the off-world colonies represent the suburbs, where the rich live. Those left on earth are the working class.

        Back to me, Ripley: I think my brother is full of bunk!! I think Emma looks awesome in the photos!!

      2. Yeah, well be sure to tell your bro that I think she was referring to the the people you see wandering around the streets, not the Replicants themselves. Messages aside, in terms of extras, everybody was Caucasian with an occasional Asian person. Only the snake dealer was actually African by decent. And this does seem odd given that the LA of the future was meant to look like a Babylon of races, with the languages itself forming an idioglossia of many and the buildings of the Tyrell corp looking like Ziggurats. Then please tell him to quit stealing your internet!

      3. Honestly I have no idea what any of you are talking about! I could not stand that movie. My brother is sitting next to me dying to write more on this but I’m going in my room now.

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