fireworks1Oh dear. It seems a milestone was passed this week, one which slipped under my nose once again. Ever since I hit 200,000 views, which seemed like forever ago, the milestones have been fewer and further between. You tend to stop keeping track of noticing when they roll around. But when the stock ticker hits a number with five zeroes behind it, you suddenly find yourself taking notice.

And when I did, I noticed some other important milestones had also slipped by unnoticed. For example, back in March  Stories by Williams celebrated its second anniversary. That alone was reason to celebrate, but since that time, the site also surpassed 2000 followers, 5000 comments, and 10,000 likes. Oh yes, and I also passed 1000 posts by a significant margin (1148, as of this posting). Awful lot of number here!

Oh yeah, it was also since the second anniversary – roughly one month later in April – that Whiskey Delta was published and sold over 1300 copies. A special shout out to all those who helped make it possible – Rami, Audrey, Carla (my darling wife-editor), and of course, Mr. Max Brooks himself!

Looking ahead, there’s always plenty more to do. First, I want to publish part II of the zombie-fiction series, Papa Zulu! And of course, there’s a few anthologies to take care, such as Yuva and Flash Forward. And then there’s the ongoing Revengers saga that’s been growing some serious legs of late. And I imagine there will be plenty of science, tech, and pop culture news to share in the meantime…

100,000 Hits! Best-Milestone-EVER!

Wow. I’d like to thank my family, my wife, my cat Jasper, all my lovely friends, and of course, all the people who’ve helped to make this possible. Those would be the people who have chosen to follow my blog and even just come by to read what I’ve had to say over the past few years. Lord knows you’ve had plenty of choices in how to spend your internet time – which as we all know, costs way too much – and I’m pleased that you’ve chosen to spend some of it on me.

Over the next few weeks, I hope you stick around to see what else I’ve got on store. There’s plenty more Whiskey Delta on the way, plus a series of posts dealing with advances in technology – not to many though, I feel like I’ve been on a real nanotech and singularity bender lately! – and some (hopefully) big news regarding a certain novel named Data Miners. Possibly some anthology news too…

Thanks again, y’all. As far as milestones go, this is the biggest one I’ve experienced yet. Couldn’t have done it without you, so please feel free to stick around as I continue to unwind my pedigree. And if you yourself are an aspiring writer or are just fascinated with expressing your thoughts, let me know where I can share with them with you. Take care and see you real soon!