New Movie Trailer: Catching Fire!

???????????????????Hi again folks. I know I’ve already satisfied this weeks quota for trailers, but I thought we could all use some good news. Over the weekend, a terrible tragedy took place in Boston and I thought it might do some good to remind people that some nice things happened as well. One of which was the release of the new trailer for the upcoming The Hunger Games sequel, known as Catching Fire.

The trailer premiered at the MTV movie awards this weekend, showcasing a new visual style, and providing a first glimpse of heroine Katniss Everdeen as champion of the Games, how this is having the effect of inspiring opposition to the Panem government, and how the president and his cronies intend to bring her down.

I hope you enjoy it and remember, only light can drive out the darkness. Check out the video below:

Classic Matrix Reloaded Parody!

The MTV Movie Awards are notorious for doing parodies of the top-grossing film every year. Just about all of them are funny, but this was one that I still think of from time to time. Years later, it still gives me a chuckle, especially the scenes where Wanda Sykes plays the Oracle and Will Ferrell does his take on the Architect.

“Watch the sass, Captain sassy pants.” Classic! Check it out!